11 November 2010

ms ewe, you have x

Breaking the Big Bad News To Ms Ewe...

Ms. Ewe, After a thoroughly modern examination,
I have some good new and bad news for you.
Oh, my god! What is it? 
The bad news is that you have a very serious condition.
No - please what could it be?
I'll do anything - just please - what could it be?

Obesity, ma'am. 
You are heavy.
Over Who?
OH - FAT?!
Yes. Fat.
Me - Fat?
Yes, Ewe - er uh, You!
Is that it? The big "mystery" illness?

That's it.  But yes.
Syndrome X, they call it.
Just Fat?
No, not "just fat."
I thought it was something serious.
Well, it IS serious.
Everyone is kinda fat these days.
Just cuz half of the North American continent is heavy,
and it's very common, doesn't mean it's very good.
In fact it's very bad.
But what about the GOOD news?

The good news is, that there is a treatment.
Thank Goodness!

OK...How much is it?
I'll get my check book. I'll pay ANYTHING!
I'll sell the house. I'll sell the kids!
I'll sell the kids' house.

It doesn't really cost all that much.
On the low end, it's a even trade from what you are doing now.
On the high end, you could get as fancy as you want.
How much - what do you mean - the treatment 
almost costs nothing? Where do I need to go?
Some country, far away? Tell me where!!!
You don't have to GO anywhere.
When can I start? Next year?
Some time in the distant future, they "might" have a treatment?
Do I have time to try it before my "number" is up?
Can I try even for one day before you give up on me?
PLEASE - I'm begging you! I MUST have this treatment!
You don't have to wait any amount of time.
You could actually start "treatments" today! Right now!

Put my name on the list.

You don't have to put your name on a list.
And hope they choose you.
It's actually as easy as just getting started.
(With your good doctor's involvement, of course
But you knew that...)
And keeping it going. Which is not-
as we are learning - very easy.
It's a life time process.
When you stop treating the condition,
it has a tendency to sneak back up on you.

Baby steps for the "eat less" part :
one bite at a time!
Baby steps for the "move more" part:
one step at a time!

The rest, as they say is history.....
Yeah? Yours.... Mine.... Ours!

My "serious" look!


  1. Still packing to leave
    So much to do -
    So little time!
    So few carbs!

  2. Drive with the green on please !!!

  3. Don't forget the camera! I hope you have a monster good time!! Safe travels, Anne ... xxox

  4. Love it! One bite at a time, one step at a time.

  5. Baby steps. Every time I try to leap I fall.

    Happy Birthday to you, sweet Anne. Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow.

  6. the percentage of obese people is staggering. it's simply amazing that there are more people in the gyms, more weight loss products then ever before, more "eat more fruit n' greens" campaigns going on and still...Americans are getting fatter and fatter. I thank my lucky stars that I have found something that works for me - not just for weight loss but for diabetes.

    I am one of the lucky ones.

    Have a wonderful trip Anne!

  7. baby steps, so so so many baby steps and VIOLA.... you have walked miles!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Anne, I am at home and your the first blog I am catching up on. have a wonderful trip. not sure where your going, have a great time. hugs.

  9. One of the most hilarious movies was "What About Bob", starring Bill Murray. The key phrase throughout the movie was Baby Steps. Funny funny movie!


  10. That was cute. I liked that. You're right...one step at a time.
    Thanks for stopping by and your comment to my question. I sure did apprecaite that.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  11. sigh*.. I am still trying to get the 'start' right!


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