27 November 2010

x mas marks the spot

Who IS this guy?
I don't know but, his face rings a bell....

Did I mention that I was a Salvation Army Bell Ringer?
Yep - a couple of years ago. Dang cold, too!

Hmmm.... Let's see....
WalMart vs Target - the age old dilema continues

Already frazzled expressions

A drive by light spotting

Santa pleaze already!

Went to the store - haven't been to WalMart in 
forever.... Got alot of things so I don't have to
go back for a good while!

Although, I do go there to get a little walking in...
The Super WalMarts here are so big,
that a couple of laps around (inside) is a mile.
Good for an indoor walk, a change of pace,
and a dozen eggs, dear. And don't forget the milk.

YouTube Video
Mr Bean and the Salvation Army Band

*Blogland seems to have a little twinkle in its eye!*
Everyone is tired, and yet ready to get back into
the swing of things around here!
Well, what are you waiting for?


  1. Yay! I get to go first, for a change! See, days off are good - for blogging, at least! A *twinkle* in the eye of Blogland? I do believe I've sensed it, too! Carbie, you rang the bell for the Salvation Army? I bet it was cold. That would be a fun story to tell. Just saying!

  2. "Carbie!?"
    That's a new one!
    And yes - at times
    it was pretty dang cold.
    I don't even own a coat.
    Just a hiking jacket!
    That story might just be a good idea for a blog post!

  3. Christmas season is here! It's here!!!

    tree needs to get put up, lights as well.... weeeee love the chaos!!!

  4. I'm a big fan of Mr Bean.
    How did you like being a Salvation Army bell ringer? I had friends from work at my last job who did that too. They liked it.

  5. I liked it alot!!
    I made friends who I am still in contact with to this day.
    A serious lesson in humility and being humble.

  6. I was brought up in the Salvation Army :) It's probably why i love music!
    Love Mr Bean :)

  7. I think it is a good idea for a blog post!
    and...I too, love the Bean!

  8. His face rings a bell ? Ugh...

  9. I hate the crowds at Walmart. I do like that the local one has a lot more grocery items these days, so if I need something late at night, they're open later than Publix or Winn Dixie or Whole Foods. You're too right about getting walking in there. Place is enormous.

  10. Hi Anne, I haven't posted much, but I've been reading! Why am i not surprised, that your giving nature extended to a stint as a SA Bell Ringer? Love that!!

  11. Carbi?? GOOD name!! I like it - it fits! And I agree, I would love to hear your stories about being a bell ringer!

    I love Wal Mart! Great walking place!

  12. I rang the salvation army bell once in high school for volunteer work. Shopping is just no fun this time of year!

  13. hehehehe
    I think everyone is still a bit tired from all the eating ;)

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    I was wondering if you have ever tried weight loss medicines ?



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