05 November 2010

happy diwali

A year ago around Diwali...
The smug look on my face 
is proof that I thought I was looking good

I had already lost 30 + pounds and thought I was the shiz

Diwali  is an Indian Festival - of Lights (link)

Never enough fall color.

A year comes and goes by pretty fast around Blogland...
Must be a time warp - or something

The Nurse tonight in report asked if I had lost weight 
even from the last time we met - a few weeks ago.
I wasn't sure if she was just kissing up because she
was a few minutes late.... or if it's true.

Perhaps I have. But even better news -
My BP is finally starting to be normal!
And my pulse went for several minutes
without missing a beat. When I first started
blogging and weight loss, my heart actually missed 
every 3rd to 4th beat. See, that Monster drink is
good for me! That, and my daily Sudafed. 
Oh yeah, and being in better shape.
No more falling out from my bp being too low!
Hope your weekend is full of nice 
times and happy people!


  1. Even on meds, my BP isn't that good (yet) ...


    Has it been a year already?! Very nice!! I'm glad you are out here in Blogland, Anne.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. My BP is low low low - so I have to take meds to make it go up.
    Normal for me once was 90/50 or less!
    And yeah! I'm glad you are in blogland, too!
    I've been around a wee little bit longer than a year....
    And maybe will be for a wee bit more!

  3. here's to nice times and happy people...


    once I am home.... tee hee

  4. I am certain Diwali applies to other cultures and all....
    Believe it or not, I was a devoted Vegan for many years...
    Like 8 or so..... and a Vegetarian for like 4 more .....
    so LoCarb is a switch for me.... the meat and all is very recent...
    And all those years I hung out in the Indian Markets.
    So much so that they still remember me to this day!

  5. I've been on meds since my 30's! High BP runs in my family. It's been perfect for the last few years but the Dr. says that because the BP med's are working. He's happy with that but doesn't want to take me off of them. Glad to hear your heart is settling down.
    Nice times and happy people this week?? Well not really at work although i got a big hug from a customer that's going back to Spain. She comes every year for 3 months to visit family and loves me :)

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  7. You look awesome in that bottom pic, I am so glad you are doing so well, I have never had any trouble with my BP surprisingly enough. Have a great weekend Anne, sorry I have not been around much, think of you often though.

  8. Here's to nice times and happy people!

    And I seriously hope that you're going to be around here a whole lot longer than, "a wee bit more!" You've become an important part of my day and I appreciate you mucho!! ;-)

  9. We have the wrist monitor and check bp often. I am on meds but hubby is not. I think exercise helps the bp more than anything else. It must feel so strange for you to see the before pictures and know that was you and you are not that person now.

  10. Awesome NSV! I want to lower my blood pressure so badly- but even on meds it's still pretty high.

  11. You totally remind me of Cybil Shepard in that first picture. You look nice to me, then and now. Although, you do look younger now. :D

    Is your blood temperature low, too? Just curious.

  12. Yes - a wee little bit 97ish most of the time.
    So was my dear little Mother's!

  13. Awesome way to see the changes a year brings

  14. So you have good blood pressure. That's good!
    I have always heard that the Atkins diets and all were not supposed to be good for you. But then, neither is being overweight, I guess.
    I am glad you are well and that it has been a good plan for you. Maybe one day, I will try it, but it is hard to get started. I guess any plan is.
    Good luck!


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