25 November 2010

a tastee treat

Someone once said that they like the way something tasted.
So they ate more and more of it.
[Pics from "The Cleveland Show"]

Well, If ya like the way something tastes,
(And, they say we taste with the tongue)
wouldn't it make sense that we would just
hold the food item in our mouths 
for as long as possible???

And maybe even spit it out - 
Without swallowing -
Like they do for wine tasting?
Just for the taste of it....

 ☝☝ I'm NOT suggesting that, either!☝☝
 ☟☟ And BTW - not my teeth! ☟☟

But, no, really -  we don't do that.

Because it's not really just about the taste.
And it's not really about the hunger.
Or nutritional value.

We just gobble it down.
Or eat it up.

As fast as humanly possible.
So fast, in fact,
we almost don't have a chance to taste it!
Back in The Day
A treat was just that - a treat....
Not an every day occurrence.

☟☟ Hi Mom! ☟☟
Maybe a couple of times a year -  people had "treats."
And they were REAL celebrations. Not just snacks.
Birthday, holidays, special get-togethers.... 
But not just having cakes around all day.... for crying out loud!

What's the occasion? No occasion!
 I just wanted to eat another cake.
That's the occasion.... not so occasional!

A couple of more reasons to be Thankful
This Holiday Season
A recipe for nice Stewed Squirrels
A real recipe from a real person's book

Or maybe try the Rabbit - Fried or Peppered!?
Your choice! Yikes!

A roof that doesn't leak (too much)
Food that doesn't suck (or bite us back)
People who care enough to try again
And love us through thick and thin...
Lots to be glad for this year!

Stay warm and dry and cozy 
And know that it's all good!

Happy ThanksGiving to You and Yours!

No actual squirrels or rabbits or moms 
were cooked used in the making of this post!


  1. It was a delight to read your post today. have a wonderful holiday thanksgiving Anne, although we don't celebrate today as ours has come and gone, I am thankful for the wonderful people I have come to know here. so I say thank you for being you. hugs.

  2. Mmmm Hasempfeffer

  3. Happy Thanksgiving my Green pal !!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Ms Carb Tripper!
    No Rabbit or Squirrel for me please- Just maybe some Turkey!
    And you are right - we eat it up, and don't even taste the food. And someone took HOURS to prepare it. And minutes to eat it up. It's like a pie eating contest at the County Fair! The truth hurts!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Anne. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Anne! And noooo, those cute little gray squirrels (or melanistic gray squirrels that are actually black) can't possibly be better than [other word that was cut off in the pic] squirrels. They taste bad bad BAD (because they are too cute to eat). :) I have an aunt who used to chew delicious treats and spit them into the sink to be washed down the garbage disposal. Eww. She did that to control her weight. I just thought it was nasty.

  7. Thanks for always giving Ms. Anne. I'm grateful to start my day here for some brain stimulating, belly laughing, heart warming connections.

    Looks like you got your patients teeth all ready to enjoy some squirrel, I mean Turkey. I really should use my phone camera more often. Enquiring minds really do want to know.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie, how you have great food, much love and lots of laughter at your table today.....:-)Hugs

  9. How funny1 Happy happy turkey day! My Little Lady lost her teeth. Looked all over. I told her to smile.....found them!

  10. This is so wise! Thank you for sharing, and happy Thanksgiving!!! ♥

  11. So that's mom...I was gonna ask.

    She's a cutie just like you :)

  12. hahahah I had this image of Granny from Beverly Hillbillies using that stewed squirrel recipe. SNORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, you lovely lady!

  13. this one cracks me up
    I'm still chortling
    except not so much about
    the poor squirrels and rabbits
    which makes me think
    about turkeys
    and chickens
    and cows
    and pigs
    and why it might be a good idea
    to become a vegetarian

    my hat's off to you
    you made me think

    happy thanksgiving
    you lovely lady!

  14. PB
    I was once a Vegan - for almost 10 years....
    And a Vegetarian for another 6 or so.....
    something like that.....anyhow, it was a long time!
    But then I just one day had to have meat!

  15. What a treat you are our Anne ! Thank you for being you...

    p.s. i heard yesterday that 90% of our taste buds are in our nose ! ..big hugs xoxoxo


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