20 November 2010

stopping by the blogs on a snowy evening

Whose blog this is, I think I know
Her post was in the village though
She will not see me stopping here
To watch her thoughts fill up with dough.

My MacIntosh must think it dear
To see "before" and "after" here
Between the fat and skinny pics
The darkest blogger of the year.

She gives her refresh button a shake
To ask if there's been some mistake
The only only sounds the sweep
of  crusty bread about to bake.

The blogs are hungry, dark and keep
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to walk before I sleep
And miles to walk before I sleep.

With all the usual apologies and fontleroy...


  1. She shares her life and makes us smile,
    And leave our cares, if for a while.

    Complex and simple all entwined,
    A beautiful heart, a beautiful mind.

    It matters not from dawn to night,
    If it's dark or if it's light.

    The beauty shines and will not fade,
    No matter what the changes made.

    Some lights you simply cannot hide,
    It's in the eyes where they reside.

    She gives so much to make life full,
    But does she know she's beautiful?

    I hope she does!! ;-)

  2. aw that is a beautiful poem from Karyn, and you know you really are, inside and out. My arms are outstretched and I love you this much hey.

  3. I love that poem, the original and your dear rendition as well.

  4. A turn inward...

    Where is this Mockingbird lane?

    In the deep recesses of our mind.

    I'm inspired by the post/the pictures and the following comments. I don't know what any of it means or is trying to tell me but its speaking to me. I trust it will make sense one day. For now I just continue to be grateful for the camaraderie.

  5. The original is one of my faves, and yours is pretty darn good! Love the sunset pic. They say some folks are sunset folks and some sunrise and I always, always have been a sunset gal. Thanks.

  6. Nice, nice job Anne.
    Happy weekend, jj

  7. Leaves me humming inside with contentment. Mmmmm. Nice. :)


  8. :)

    did you go dark again?? .... er hair color that is ...lol

  9. I love the poem!
    Robert Frost.
    Funny! And great, actually!

  10. Thanks, y'all!
    It's all for fun, and fun for all....
    Or maybe just for a selected few!


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