28 November 2010

blogs and kisses

Hope everyone had a great, extended
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend!
Cool and windy and overcast in DFW lately.
Then suddenly sunny!
Except not so much at night.

I'm not allergic to turkey per se,
just really sensitive to it - I just avoid it -
This is chicken w/brats and green beans.

For the first time in maybe 30 years, 
I had Thanksgiving off. *gasp!*
Off from Nursing, but back on for everything else.
A day is a day is a day, sometimes.

Sometimes, the most boring routines 
are the most effective!
And after this year (and a half) of whirl-wind blogging
and weight-loss activities, my sense o' time and space 
is off-kilter a wee little bit. We went sooo fast, that 
anything, by contrast, would now seem s-l-o-w!

I'm givin' it full power, Captain -
It's all she's got!

Throw in a mid-life crisis or two, 
and well, you get the idea!
I am taking my time to adjust to the recent changes 
in my life, in order to make the changes "stick" better.
Recovery .... Discovery .... Un-covery
Winking smile

Also, taking my Baby Mac into the Geek Squad
for a check up, and to install some new RAM.
Clean up the hard drive.... 

Scored this handy external Hard Drive.
Seems I have too many pics! Go figure.

Hi Ryan!

With something as important as my Mac,
(and blogging - hello!)
 it needs some preventative maintenance!

Kinda like diet and exercise is for health.
As much as I think I know, 
I am really just now "getting it!"
Control Alt Delete!
Try as I might - I couldn't embed this one.
So it's a link. Tracey Ullman on Blogging.
If you haven't seen it - heehee - you might just love it!

Arianna Huffington

Hope your week is off to a great start!
It really is all good, eh?
Just don't "Force Quit" on me!


  1. Hah! She's a clever one, that Tracey Ullman. Don't "force quit" me, either - I love blogging and my bloggy friends.

  2. Yes - indeed!
    Pure awesomeness!

  3. Indeed, make the changes stick. That's what matters, eh?

    No force quitting here either. I loved it.

    And first I'd like to thank my "webmaster"...

  4. Blogs and kisses... she was funny!

  5. Tracy was great! I'm glad you're taking the time to "make things stick." This weight loss business is tricky for all of us, and we need to give it "all we've got."

  6. I'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving, Anne and that you had the day off from work.

  7. Good for YOU that you had the day off!! And keep that Mac in good working order - we don't want ANY delays in your blogging!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Hehe your blog posts always make me smile!

  9. Happy Tday! Your dinner looked yummy even if it wasn't turkey.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment :)


  10. Thanks for your blog. It makes me laugh, makes me glad to know there are good people in the world.

    This is a very rough time for me. Very scary, etc. Much uncertainty, creeping homelessness. (Fingers crossed.)

    The eating part, thankfully, is all good. And your blog is something I can still access for free. Pretty nifty!

    Thanks again. You're a peach (low carb, natch.)


  11. You are so funny!!!!! Hey, my friend my Fort Worth left today, as the Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end. But...we decided we are going to visit her in Fort Worth for March Break, the week of March 14th. Maybe we could meet at Yogurtland????????????? :)

  12. Hi Anne, I just caught up on all your posts--

    Tracy Ullman is a hoot- She does Arianna Huffington really well. I wish her show was still on the air-- Tracy's not Arianna :-)

    That photo of you with your jeans is amazing and very inspiring.

    Your bar graphs and pie charts are impressive!!! I'd still be trying to figure out how to change the colors let alone enter all your info. High five.

    Taking my Mac in for servicing is a good idea. It's been since forever and it's a good idea. Thanks for the reminder.

    And, that photo of your mom.... Gulp! Beautiful.

    Missed you and I'm glad to be back. xo jj

  13. Oh, I got brat cravings now.

    Changes are not always easy to adjust to. But at the same time, it reminds us we're alive. To be alive and vibrant is, by necessity, to change, and if we've got good visions, change for the better.

    Keep making those great chanegs!

  14. Ha! I scored an external hard drive too! Yep, so many pictures, so little time :)

  15. your chicken n brats
    look perfect ly delicious

    slow is good
    slower is what I seek
    less to-do
    more breathing
    more meditation
    ha, that's a good one
    some meditation
    would be mighty nice


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