25 April 2010

thin redline

Take some grape tomatos, onion, garlic, olive oil 
Toronto Seasoning and Balsamic vinegar...
Put it all in a pan, in the oven @ 350 for 30 min...+/-
Hamburger patty w/sf bbq sauce 
Coffee w/ raspberry and chocolate sf syrup
and whipping cream (low carb!)
RedLine instead of Monster today...
Wow! That is strong!
Oh yes, and I got my hair "done."

Errands, cleaning, shopping, styling yesterday.
Getting over last week, getting ready for next week.
Settling in with the changes.
Stretching more than working out today.
That RedLine puts a burn and a freeze on.
From the inside!

This just in:
Or *not* grape tomatoes, in this case.
Thanks Alexia!


  1. Those aren't grape tomatoes!

    Your hair looks good. I've been cutting mine myself recently. It's grown out a bit and it's at a weird stage that makes me look like I'm 15. Glamorous huh?

  2. By the powers, you are right!
    Thanks, Alexia!

  3. Haha! My email address is Alexia.Arthurs@gmail.com if you ever want to email me.

  4. I am obsessed with tomatoes so I couldn't miss that! In fact, I want some right now...

  5. Whatever they are, they certainly look delicious. Roasted vegetables are so good. I love zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes and broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, onions and my current favourite is Brussels sprouts.

    Love the new hair. I need to get mine cut soon, I let it grow for years and then end up feeling like Rapunzel. On my list of things to do.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. That looks too simple to turn out to something that looks so darn good. I love tomatoes and onions together.

  7. This is my first attempt at roasting tomatoes.
    Until now I could never eat them
    because they would break my mouth out...
    Believe it or not, eh?
    Profoundly simple - with a wonderful result!

  8. Roasted tomatoes - one of Heaven's creations :) Love, love, love them.

  9. I love all things roasted. Get me started and it sounds like the a scene from Forrest Gump - the one where they go on and on about shrimp dishes...

    Your hair looks great. I'm growing mine to donate and can't wait until I can get it cut. Just another month or so.

  10. love love love roasted tomatoes. but with just onions?? I mix all kinds of veggies together when roasting..whatever's in the fridge (besides lettuce or cuke)

    love the 'do! great colours!!

  11. Love roasted vegetables, your hair looks great and am still smiling over the tomato comments. Have a great Sunday.....:-) Hugs

  12. Fabulous*

    * What are 6 words that describe anne h.'s new do?

  13. Where the heck do you buy SF BBQ sauce? I need some!

  14. That is one good looking dinner regardless of what kind of tomatoes they are. YUM.

    And your hair looks great! I'm inches away from starting to color mine too.

    Hope you had a restful day.


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