17 April 2010

spring fling

Nothing says "Spring" quite like huge statues of red naked men.
And cherubs.

Parking lot birds
Acres of wild flowers at the local hospital

LoCarb for your cat 
I'm just sayin'...
Dude, where's my glasses?
I JUST had them....
The 1015 Onion... a sweet onion
Named because it first was planted by October 15th...
Blackberry wine for cooking, and Balsamic Vinegar
Chicken Breast, Green Beans, Walnut "Stir Fry"
with onions and blackberry balsamic vinegar....

This just in...
Don't ya just love a gentle Spring rain?
My new apartment still makes funny sounds.
I can hear the rain in the vent over the stove!

Monster w/ protein
Coffee w/sf hot choc
Coffee black, water,
Atkins bar, this stir fry
My one "hot" meal today

My "boss" said my whole aura has changed,
And I look like a different person.
Like I'm happy again, and not just the weight!
She hadn't seen me for 10 pounds or so....


  1. You can't the size of the statues, from these pictures.
    They were life size!
    And bright red.
    Real traffic-stoppers!

  2. Third time to try this newfangled typing thing.
    You can't TELL the size.

  3. You do look happy, you just glow:)

  4. I agree, you do look very happy. that walnut stirfry looked pretty tasty. Have a great day. hugs.

  5. Big red men scare me! However, that stir fry looked pretty darn tasty. Is there a recipe?? Have a great day!!

  6. Nope - no recipe...
    Made it up as I went along.
    Put it all in a cast iron skillet.
    I used bacon grease, and canned chicken breast.
    Not gourmet per se but at least I cooked!
    Double yummy.

  7. those statues... Red??.... really??? do you mix the wine with the Balsamic Vinegar??

  8. Ah, good ole Texas onions. I grew up in farm country amoungst many a field of onions (other crops too), but onions were the best. We used to throw the rotten onions that were left behind in the fields at our friend's houses. Farmkid humor if you please.

  9. Love the statues :)
    And your boss is right your in a totally different place now!!

  10. Red is my favorite color, but I think those statues ruined it for me. :-)

  11. You look fabulous...very sexy! (I know, inappropriate comment, but couldn't resist.)

  12. Where were those statues? Someone's yard? I'm not sure red was such a good color...maybe blue would work. I'm just sayin...

    Man-o-shevitz. I say that as an expression but I've never cooked with it. Food looks yummie.

  13. that stirfry looks awesome! I may have to try that. And i'm with one of the above commenters, those statues scare me. :O

  14. Yeah to your Happy Aura!!!! That's awesome.

    As for the red naked guys-- Where were you?

    Hope your weekend is going great.


  15. Hi Anne, I love stir frys, in fact I could eat stir fry every night for dinner (served over brown rice).........:-) Hugs

  16. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It led me to your great blog! I totally love the red guys. Your stir-fry recipe looks terrific and I may just have to have some!

    Enjoy your day.
    Margie M. writes at:

  17. Hmmm.... I prefer my men naked and alive ! ( well only one man ) lol
    Lovely photos.
    Hope your weekend is going well.

  18. Great pics. LOL@ the double glasses pic. You so funny!


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