24 April 2010

rose tint my world

I never knew there were so many flowers all around!
But I never saw them blooming, till now.
Hamburger w/Bearcreek SF BBQ sauce....very good!
Grilled Vidalia onions
Salad w/Catalina dressing

Dang blast it all!
I was hungry today....grrr!!
That hardly ever happens on LoCarb.
I had a new/different snack today, instead of an Atkins bar.
It's not a meal replacement bar per se.
Doctor's LC bar w/ 2 g net impact carbs and 20 g protein.
No artificial sweeteners quote unquote.

Back to the old standby - Monster w/protein etc.
Coffee, water, driving, up down all around...

Unicorn Planet is all that!
 And a lesson learned!
Being a good friend.


  1. Netrition
    For anyone who wishes to check it out!

  2. Flowers are so pretty and your dinner looks delicious. I will check out the Netrition site, just because I'm curious......:-) Hugs

  3. The flowers are gorgeous Anne. I will check out Netrition. take care.

  4. America's Next Top Model is........

    Anne H. of course!

  5. No, no, dah-lings!
    We ALL win!

  6. Are you saying that you are feeling better about yourself and life in general and it helps you see things through different lenses? The flowers are beautiful. Now look in the mirror.

  7. Aren't rose petals edible (or am I thinking of nasturtiums?!) They would look beautiful on your plate (covering the burger! heheh!)

    Have a fantastic weekend! :o)

    Patsy x

  8. Oh my. The roses are lovely. I particularly like the coral coloured one.

    Just got home from seeing RENT. I laughed, I cried. It was great and gave me a wonderful idea for my next Worthy Cause Wednesday.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  9. GORGEOUS roses!! are these recent? I mean.. are your roses blooming already in Tx? Love roses, don't love the smell of them indoors though.. or when people take rose smell and put it in soap or perfume... yuck.

    roses are best appreciated in the garden, IMHO.

    your dinner looks VERY yummy.

    unicorns scare me. :)

  10. Even three gay Unicorns on Planet Unicorn?
    Feathers, Cadillac and Tom Cruise!

    Oh, Miss Amy!
    The roses are already falling off the vine down here.
    We're semi, semi-tropical...
    A new category needs to be added for North Texas!

  11. Those roses make me want to paint....


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