10 April 2010

a day in the life

Lovely salad and hamburger patty 
w/ balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Installed a light for the dining room.
They had a ceiling fan, but I wanted this.
I just helped - I didn't do the wiring!
Why did the painter wear a jacket?
They said to put on 2 coats!

Say, Say, Say and a shaving tutorial w/ Paul and MJ
M Pax asked for more Paul Mc Cartney.
We can work that out!

Here, There And EveryWhere
unplugged Sir Paul
And I Love Her
Beatles - Hard Day's Night
and, of course...
...all my troubles seemed so far away...
This song's working title was originally "Scrambled Eggs"

Monster w/protein x2
Two eggs w/cheese & chipotle
Salad and hamburger patty, 
Atkins bar, snack pack of peanuts
Water, coffee, go go gadget sudafed, grrr!
So close to being done at the new place -
So close! And yet so far...
Thanks everyone for all of your kind words and comments!
CPR class today - Have a great weekend!


  1. You put that light fixture up yourself....is there no end to your talent....love it.

    Everything is looking so nice Anne and I love that you are eating properly and taking care of yourself.......:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie - I CAN do electrical wiring,
    but I only helped the apartment guy install this.
    I wouldn't want to break any codes, now would I!

    Adding the second "solid meal" seems like it's a good idea.
    No more falling out for me!

  3. Anne, I love the light fixture, and love your painting joke....maybe that is what I need another coat. woke up not long ago, spending a half hour and back to sleep. have fun at your course, glad you are getting everything put together in your new place. it is always fun. take care, be well.

  4. Great light fixture. Painter with two coats. Ha.

  5. Love the light! I used to like to do the little DIY projects, too. Then, the knees went and use of the ladder was a thing of the past. You are an inspiration....I'm living vicariously thru your home improvement projects, and enjoying every minute. PLUS, having Paul sing to me isn't an awful thing, either. :)

  6. You are so funny! Great job on the light fixture. Like your other readers, I am impressed by your skillz...

    Hope CPR was fun!

  7. PS I really don't shave; I was just being silly!
    And showing off my angular, bony jawline!
    Oh, yeah - that!

  8. ★★★★★'s Anne!
    Don't meals taste so nice with a side of flowers? Very pretty.
    Very hip and happenin' light fixture. I like it.


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