22 April 2010

earth day '10

Happy Earth Day to Mother Earth, and all her children!
A cooling fan for the laptop. For a cool Mac.
All the cool Mac kids club members have one!
This one is made by Swiss Gear.
Dvd player inside the drawer - the back is off the bombay chest
for air circulation...there's a little fan in the drawer, as well...
What a mess of wires. That's next on my ongoing list.
Right after I hit that p90x ...and  do the dishes!
Back to light-coloured t-shirts!
Tarantulas; optional.
Salad of the day w/ tuna, cheese, onions and a sweet pickle.
Catalina dressing and Ranch dressing...
Days I'm *super*active I get about 30 carbs.
Days it turns out I needed more, I'm hungry all night.
A late-night spot of green tea, last night.
Hot and Unsweetened. Two tea bags.
Thank you, Jonathan Larson!

Monster w/protein x2
Atkins bar - trying new flavours.
Coffee w/sf hot choc x2
Water, agua, and eau.
Day off w/errands.
Hope it rains again soon!



  1. Anne I am up hungry too, had a rough night tonight, sleepwise that is. happy earth day. goodnight my friend.

  2. I can't believe all the weight you lost with all the food you eat.....I gotta get your diet Anne......it is too good.......:-) Hugs

  3. It hardly ever happens that I am hungry on low-carb...
    I can count the times on one hand....
    Here's to sleeping and eating, eh?

  4. Great job, Anne! Not being hungry is the greatest diet plan in the world.

  5. Look who's all skinny ass! You look great!
    Thanks for showing the pic of the fan, Anne!
    Lots of cool pics here. Love the Dude!

  6. Oh ... the Carb Tripper looks better in white, yes? It stands out nicely.

  7. oh, i very much like your new header! so happy!!

    i'm finding on lowish carb i'm def. not hungry either.. I'm thinking it's the protein?? Protein by far fills you up, and keeps you much longer. plus my rings are spinning!! I know it's working!!

  8. I could only glance at the tee shirt, the tarantula makes me nervous even way over here. I drink decaf green tea at night and also make sun tea with it. I am trying to low carb and trying to get my cholesterol down too. I tried two different meds for cholesterol and will not take any more so I have to get cholesterol down with diet and exercise.

  9. One song... Glory! One song... before I go... Glory!

    Love your mug. And your mug.


  10. Nice blog - found you via Cinner :o) Happy Earth Day!

  11. Thank you Karen,
    for your great idea on the font colour change.
    Everyone loves it!
    I do, too!

  12. And a Happy Earth Day to you, too. Good luck on that Px90. Soon you'll be skinny AND buff. Way to go.

  13. And Hi Cambridge Lady - welcome!
    Cinner is a good one, that's for sure.

    Happy Earth Day, my fellow Earthlings!

  14. Happy Earth Day!

    Love your mug. I am going to see Rent this weekend. I can't wait!

  15. I love Rent - hope you have a wonderful time!
    I went about a year ago - here in Dallas.
    My favourite musical of all time.

  16. Happy Earth Day.

    And OMG you have a tarantula on your shoulder?! I had a cottonmouth in my backyard today. It struck at me. Scary.

  17. GREAT spider shirt :-)

    Happy Earth Day back at you Anne.



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