23 April 2010

lo carb kind of day

Support your Local Firefighters!
At first, I thought they said "Low Carb" Firefighters...
And I was all like, "Yessss!"
A screen shot and a link from the Richardson Fire Department Newsletter.
These great guys were on the street yesterday, with boots in hand.

A Low Carb Bakery near my work-place and live-place!
They had me at "Gluten Free"
The Crisp Made Entirely Of Cheese...
Like a cracker, but 1 Net Impact Carb!
Hamburger patty w/sf bbq sauce... salad. Coffee flavoured with sf vanilla and sf caramel. Atkins bar.

Monster w/protein 
Water is the ultimate Low Carb Drink!
The original and the best.
If you can stand it.

9,984 steps today.
Hold on.  Be right back....
Make that 10,000 steps!

A pretty good day.
Yep, it was a pretty good day!


  1. Every time I see the new flower-power header,
    I like it all that much more.
    And of course, the white lettering
    was spot-on, Karen! Thanks!

  2. Anne I love the new header, it is so cheery. glad you had such a great day. you are doing wonderful.have a great weekend.

  3. Your blog is looking awesome :)

  4. Good lord ... cheese crisps! They would definitely get in my mouth.
    Do you know that I cannot buy sf condiments? They do not exist here as far as I know.

    Firefighters are hot.

    Thanks, Anne! I love the new header ... it's so cheerful and pretty and summery.

  5. The firefighters were out in our neighborhood collecting for MD too. IT made me smile and I passed a few bucks into the boot.

    Even in weight crazed LA I rarely see "low carb" signs. I need to be on the lookout for more.

    Have a FABULOUS DAY Anne,

  6. I used to make Parmesan crisps for myself when I was doing low carb. I still make them when we have guests and I serve a crisp, green salad. They are wonderful.

    Love the look of the blog these days. Makes me anxious for the full deal around here. We just have dribs and drabs of color for now.

  7. Cheese crisps! They look delishus, missus! I'd have some of those. Can't get Sugar free syrups around here, either.

  8. Did you notice that the firefighter guy
    went into a burning building to save a little puppy?
    And put the little pup on oxygen as well.
    That's a blog-worthy find!
    So glad y'all like the pretty flowers.....

  9. Aaahhhh....the puppy and firefighter story is doggone sweet. Love it when people can do a nice turn for such a loyal species.

    On the carb front...just thought you might like to hear a fellow success story about low carb living. I counted calories for 5 months and lost 10 lbs. (BOOOO! HISSSS!) Felt hungry most of the time after awhile. Switched to low carb and lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks, eating more calories and not feeling hungry. YAY! I respect those who can do the low-cal thing, but thank goddess for low carb living. You're a wonderful inspiration. Thanks!!!!

  10. Your blog is all happy-friendly-sunshiny these days. The banner is awesome. What a great bakery to have in your neighborhood.

  11. What a lovely find! I found some gluten free crackers at WF. Yummy with fresh made salsa.

    I love popping on here and looking at that gorgeous field of flowers on top. :D

  12. I LOVE the bakery!! I love how they are attracting the customers that are watching the foods that they eat. Smart owners!!!

  13. Hey some of those pics look familiar. ;-)

    We used to buy those "crackers" at Whole Foods but they stopped carrying them. Now we make them at home. Not as crispy as the packaged variety but still pretty tasty.

    Thanks for being you and sharing all that you do.

    Hope you have a splendid weekend, sweet Anne!

  14. Thank you so much for commenting. I can't believe how long it has taken me to drop by and say hello. Please forgive me for that. I saw on your profile that you've already lost 65 pounds. Congratulations! That's wonderful! I'll have to spend some time reading to find out how you are doing it.

  15. Yes - interesting isn't it?
    The happy-friendly-sunshiny blog.
    As TechnoBabe put it!
    It's all the flowers - were they always here?
    I never noticed them until just now.

  16. How long does it take you to take 10,000 steps? I think I should keep track of my steps just to get an idea of how much I move about.
    ........:-) Hugs

  17. About all day, it takes.
    Roughly 5 miles.
    Some days are more "roughly" than others!


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