14 April 2010

attention headache

Dinner and a move
Love Field Airport
This plane flew right overhead as I was driving around!
If THIS doesn't make you want to buy one, nothing will!
Typical soothing waterscape for Corporate America
What REALLY drives the office personell.
'Bout time.

Monster w protein x2 today
Snack pack of cashews
Snack pack of cheese
Only half an avocado
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate

True Story
Saw "somebody" at work today.
Thought they were looking at me from across the room.
Turns out it was a mirror.
I didn't recognize my own reflection - again!
Only this time it wasn't because I looked too heavy.

Can't stop singing the song "Cool" from West Side Story.
One of those songs that gets stuck in your mind.
I drive around listening to it all day, Daddy-o!


  1. Woke up - headaches gone!
    And happy dreams, too.

  2. Oh good, and here we are again in the middle of the night. Not recognizing your own reflection, I Have a long way to go. Years ago my Mom had lost a lot of weight and she used to stop in front of the mirror so often, maybe for the same reasons.
    take care. you are doing awesome, so very proud of you. Glad your headaches gone.

  3. "Middle of the night?"
    This is "first thing in the morning" to me!
    Have a wonderful, happy day everyone!

  4. morning here :)

    hope the headache is far away and its a wonderful wednesday for ALL OF US.


  5. Morning Anne!! Glad the headache is gone. Have an outstanding day!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE avocados!! Now I have to go out and get another one. So glad to hear that your headache is gone. Hurrah!! Stay well.

  7. LOL at you not recognizing yourself. That's too funny. :)

    LOVE the Monster vending machine!! I've already gone through my case of Monster. Now I have a Rock Star.

    When I was fairly new to Houston I got lost and ended up by Hobby Airport. A plane flew down to land and it was HUGE! I didn't realize I was near an airport and started swerving and cussing because I thought it was about to hit me. LOL I had to pull off the road because I was laughing so hard when I realized what happened.

  8. You have some fun things to see in your neck of the er woods. No woods? huh. City. That's it, city.

  9. The headache is gone because I am resolved in my mind,
    and conflict-free....at last!
    For now at least.

  10. I have the theme music from "Rome" stuck in my head. It won't go away. It's been there over a week.

    I remember the not recognizing myself phase. Are those really my legs? Is it just the mirror, Husband, or do they look that skinny to you?

  11. Glad the headache is gone.

    That avocado is so beautiful that I want to marry it.

    I wish I had a bathtub big enough to float that duck in.

    When I lost 136 pounds I too had those mirror moments. It was freaky!

  12. Right about the avocado...I know how you feel.....
    136 lbs gone from you?
    Hells yes!

  13. I enjoy the way you play with words. Attention headache! John dear! :)


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