11 April 2010

cpr for dummies

My new friend
Quick - give Monster drink - STAT!
And give it to the Baby, too!
A mask for cpr

After class, lunch at Red Lobster
Salad and Cheese Biscuits (none for me!)
Fancy platter - my first asparagus
Oysters for my nurse friend

I wanted a picture of a fancy boat-looking light shade...
They actually came up to me and asked that I don't take pictures!
What? Are you kidding me?
No. They weren't kidding me!
What's a blogger to do?

Monster w/protein
This from Red Lobster
Monster w/protein for dinner
Coffee w/sf hot choc x2
Water for days

A little more work around the house
Still not "done" - but is it ever?
It's good to connect with friends! Yay!
Ready to go back to work full-time now!


  1. And I told them I was a semi-professional cell phone photographer....they still said NO!

  2. were you taking pictures with your cell phone? usually they don't even realize you are taking pictures. I used my full on camera only once at a restaurant, now I always use my phone

  3. I guess I shouldn't have gone around from table to table,
    taking pictures of other peoples food,
    and saying "The camera LOVES you baby!"

  4. Ha! And did you like the asparagus?

  5. Damn, I love that mosaic feature!

  6. Your new friend's shirt almost matches your shirt. But your friend needs a tan. More places are asking people not to use cameras in the restaurant lately. I don't know why. Anyway, you were able to get photos of your food. And now you head back to work. Enjoy the Sunday and your good health, Anne.

  7. I have a tip from one semi professional cell phone photographer to another. If your cell phone makes a noise when you point and shoot turn off that sound and when you take pictures just pretend you are looking for something on your phone. I have obtained lots of secret footage this way.

    Learned this from my stalker who *secretly* took my picture in a meeting. Too bad for him his phone made the picture taking sound. >FAIL<

  8. The shirt almost matches!
    I know, right!
    Three people tried to give me cpr that day!
    "Annie, Annie, are you alright?"
    Yeah, just don't taze me, bro!

  9. Hi - My first visit to your blog though I've seen your comments on others' a lot. Love your POVs on stuff.

    Seeing the CPR dummies gave me hives because as a nurse, I used to teach it, and still have to re-up my cert. every year. Love the rows of faces ;D

  10. Your just too funny, I can see you slouthing about the restaurant. The lobster looks mighty fine. Glad your feeling ready for work. take care my friend. Be well.

  11. I love Red Lobster and I really think it is hilarious that the food in your city looks exactly like the food they serve in my city.

    Those dummies are a little scary, especially the bunch of singing heads. Pic #2 looks like me with my CPAP mask on...no Monster for me though, I would be up for six days.

    Asparagus is one of my faves, green or white, I love them both.

    Hope today is a delicious day!!!

  12. I lie...there is no Red Lobster in my city, it is one city over.

  13. Some of your new friends are looking a bit green! Asparagus - meh. It's ok with plenty of melted butter - the butter is the best part. Love the pics.

  14. Telling a Blogger not to take pictures is like saying 'Don't breathe' ... lol!


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