01 April 2010

donde esta el baño, for favor?

Something accomplished every day is a good goal!
And by "accomplished,"  I mean "completed!"
How well I know, this is not always possible.
But it's great when it all comes together.

Mirror/ med cabinet and towel cabinet installed
Also hardware/ towel racks, hooks, etc
I made a cardboard template to help match up the fasteners and anchors
I did this work myself - with my own tools!
I had someone hold the cabinet in place while I did the drilling, etc.

What to do with THIS!
Shower unit looking a little....uh, what's the word?

Is the room spinning or is it just me?
Dinner on a ladder


So much minutia! So little time.
I got moved out -still not unpacked yet-
And even did a good deed for today....
Took a little octogenarian to the shoe store!

Monster w/protein
Monster without protein - getting to be a habit
Water, coffee, all that jazz.
Salad w/Honey Catalina dressing
The kind w/poppy seeds in it....
A few more carbs, but worth it, now and then.
Walnuts and dried cranberries on the salad-
Just a few, like a garnish - not a lot, mind you!
Ham and cheese roll-up (yum yum!)
Great also with cream cheese spread.
Atkins bar - don't forget the Atkins bar!


  1. Blogger ate my comments....your bathroom looks lovely, good work my friend.......:-) Hugs

  2. That shower fixture looks ... um ...

    Beautiful work on the bathroom! (see how I changed the subject from your phallic shower fixture). hehe

  3. Mui Bueno!! The shower head does give one pause, I have to admit. I shall have visions of that, for days!! I have to tell you that every time I slather on the BioFreeze I think of you, too. It is one of the best little secrets of all time. I don't know what I've done all these years without it.

    Oh, yea, in spite of the shower head (or maybe because of it) your new bath looks quite lovely. Very impressed with your home improvement skillz.

  4. Well, your bathroom looks great! You did a bang up job!

  5. I had no idea they even made shower heads like that. LOL!

    Great job on installing the hardware. It looks fabulous!

  6. Your shower fixture has me laughing and pointing.

    Great job on the bathroom. It looks lovely, especially the shower curtain. I am so impressed that you are able to do all this work yourself and get in a good deed.

  7. Su casa es muy bonita! Did I say that right? Good job on the handy work!!

  8. You have done an excellent job with the bathroom, it is really pretty.

  9. That is an interesting shower head! Years ago I sold plumbing supplies at big hardware/home center conventions. I wouldn't have touched that thing with a ten foot pole-- It was such a male dominated biz then that the comments would have embarrassed the daylights out of me :-)

    But your finished bathroom-- Gorgeous! Love the colors, pattern and details. Life IS in the details when it comes to remodeling. Great job!

    xo jj


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