06 April 2010

biker chick

Went to a bike store. The guy says to me *and I quote*
"For your size, I recommend...."
"For my SIZE ?" I queried.

WTH - Not again! Am I fooling myself, or
did all my weight come back overnight?

"Yeah, uh..." the poor, stunned, clerk guy says.
"...What are you - about 5'2" or 5'3"?"
Oh! THAT size! 5'3" with shoes. (maybe*not!)
But I have a very long inseam - 30 inches - and long legs! 
Part of my evil*genius plan...
The bike came from craigslist. $125 cash
The "trainer," as they call it, also from craigslist.
I rolled up the floor mat so you could see the trainer.
I can ride inside, like an exercise bike most days.
Then, when I feel more like going out, or around the lake,
put the bike in the truck and viola!
Dallas has lots of bike trails and riding clubs.
A lovely dinner - cooked in my new apartment!
I usually only eat one cooked/prepared meal a day - 
Perhaps that is part of the problem. Ya think?
So I "did" these eggs with cheese and chipotle sauce.

I also cut back on the Monster to just one per day, with the protein drink.
(Although, I must say - Monster has lots of B vitamins!)
Coffee x2 today, one w/sf hot chocolate,
atkins bar, snack-pack of peanuts, 
I slept late - most of the day, in fact. And had extra water all day.

Where, and how that "fit" of depression, and angst comes from -  
I can only guess. I have very low BP, and somedays I think it is ultra low.
Being tired makes it worse. Hormones?
Ruminating? Skipping meals? Running like crazy?
For every action, a sometimes equal/opposite re-action.
And some days I think I'm just depressed. Not depressed, per se!
But now I can say it's cuz I'm on my cycle!  *insert rimshot here!*


  1. Anne. maybe it is because you have not been eating much. maybe taking an iron pill might help.
    I have insomnia tonight, overtired, think my time away has caught up to me. Have a great day Anne.

  2. Cool bike! I think you are doing great, but maybe you need to eat more, than one meal a day. Have a great week.

  3. I should clarify - I eat one cooked or prepared meal a day.
    I almost always have an atkins bar or snack size peanut pack every day.
    Plus the Monster w/protein, which is like a liquid meal.
    So I eat one "solid" food meal a day, + a snack.

  4. Great Bike, my favourite colour too..I must get one this year!!

  5. nice bike! shorty :) (hides behind a shrug ... because I'm short enough to do so too)

  6. Hey now!
    I haven't ridden a bike since Jr High - about 40 years.
    But it's true - you don't forget how!
    Ya never know who's gonna show up and want to ride.
    Or not!

  7. NICE bike!!! I use to have one but it scares me too much to try and ride a bike in Raleigh.

    I am with cinner maybe you need more iron. I know for me not enough iron brings me down. Of course I am horrible about taking my iron pill daily *tisk*tisk*

    Chin up!

  8. oooooooooo, nice wheels, biker chick. I'm hoping to get one for my b-day. :) Also like that cool trainer gadget you have.

    Enjoy the trails and lakes. Hope to see some pics of your rides. :)

  9. Nice bike!! Now you can "peddle" your ass all over town. Old joke, I know, but it made me smile.

    I am so excited that I am a good 1" to 1 1/2" taller than you!! I feel absolutely Amazonian.

    I hope you perk up soon. I know feeling this way is not easy to deal with. Took me a couple of years to get ME back again. I wish you all the best, and will be thinking happy thoughts on your behalf.

  10. How funny...on your cycle. LMAO! You have been at a dead run for a while now with lots of changes! It's bound to affect your mood.

    Feel better and enjoy your cycle!

  11. I have a bike and there are trails for miles and miles here. With beautiful scenery. No excuse not to walk, ride bike, or jog on the trails. Looks like you got a great deal on the bike.

  12. On your cycle...bwahaha!

    Love the bike and that you can ride it inside or outside.

  13. I never knew they sold bike trainers!

    I love the new bike. I hope you have lots of fun on it. :o)

  14. Oh, my gosh! Love the bike. And that trainer!! Now, why didn't I think of Craigslist?? I've been wishing for one those...

    Be warned - riding is addictive - in a good way :)

    Oooooh, now I get it! "on your cycle!" Geez, I'm slow.

  15. Woo-hoo! How fun is that!
    E N J O Y ! ! ! !

  16. It's almost time to get my bike out here in SD. The bike trails are mostly flooded and the streets are still too sandy for my feeble taste, but once the waters go down and the street sweepers pass by, I'll be joining you.

  17. One liquid meal and one Atkins bar a day --that sounds like torture! I would so miss "real" food!!

  18. Melissa -
    I should clarify - I do eat one "real" meal a day.
    Something cooked, or a salad. Something good!
    And wholesome.
    The rest of the time it's a meal replacement.
    *But now, I eat twice a day!*
    It was torture, or at least foodie-masochism.
    Whatever that means!


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