01 April 2010

a box of technology

Funny. What ya can't wait for today,
Sometimes goes in a box tomorrow....

Made a shopping list for Home Depot, and stuck to it 100%

Before: bathroom caulk
After: much better!
Lots of preparation and attention to detail.
Just like in foodie stuff and weight-loss.
And you always get a "do-over" if you mess up.
Microwave on top of the Fridge works well
if you don't use it alot...which I don't
BioFreeze by the gallon, anyone?
Not much sleep going on these days.
Got up and did a wee little bit of unpacking.
A worried look, perhaps? *sigh*
Not quite the sheer feeling of impending doom 
that I've had before. Just a vague angst.

Monster w/protein
Ham and cheese roll-up
Atkins bar - they came in the mail!
An Atkins bar free promo! (click the link)
1/2 grilled chicken breast -
A neighbor gave it to me since I was
"quote unquote" too busy to cook today!
Advil for dinner. Too busy, indeed!


  1. "What you can't wait for today. Sometimes goes in a box tomorrow" How true..how true. I made a list of things I am having Waste Management pick up on Tuesday. I remember the day I bought each item thinking this is awesome I'm gonna keep it forever. NOT! Oh well such is life. Your home improvements are coming along. Have a "superfantastick" day!!!

  2. You amaze me with all of the things you know how to do. Nursing and home repair and photography. You're really amazing.

    Can you get Advil in the gallon size? :)

    Have fun, Martha Stewart. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You are pretty handy around the house.
    You look a little tired but you look at peace.

  4. Things are looking good :) Try to get more sleep sometimes it does help!

  5. Hey chickadee, I am amazed at the before and after results of the bathroom. Don't overdo it. wondering if you could email me your address. Need to send a little something to you. Glad your moving is doing okay, my email is on my profile.
    Hugs to you.

  6. I love the way your brain works and the thoughts that tumble out of them.

    Moving is stressful, even if we're happy about it. Maybe you are confusing general stress with dread. I do that, too. Wish that habit would go away.

    I'm going to go by pants for my upcoming project in August. I have angst over that one. Gah!

  7. You do look tired in your picture, hope you are not over doing it. Everything is beginning to look so nice but I see you have to go grocery shopping.......LOL
    Many hugs sweetie.....:-)

  8. Great job on the caulking. I love looking at your life in pictures.

    I had ham and mozzarella roll ups today too! Not sure if you had the same cheese, but aren't they great?

  9. P.S. Love the blue sky and clouds. Very hello spring!

  10. Thanks - that pic, like the sunset one before it,
    was taken on my last trip!
    These are clouds over the Detroit area.
    They looked like they wanted their picture taken -
    Don't you agree?

  11. Wow, you are a woman of many talents! Your bathroom looks great and so does everything else. There is nothing better than new appliances, fresh paint and a good night's sleep-- which I hope you can get soon.



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