27 April 2010

2day 4 u

Traffic is demanding, even for the Smart Car.

A retirement center...
Where I moved from...Easy Street.
(Not the retirement center)
Clear Skies ....at least for today....
Dang it, and I was soooo ready to roll...
It's a LoCarb Conspiracy!
As seen from da street...
Something like that...
Lunch on the run... 
The Great Gilder-Gelding  Shin-Hoof
Well, is it nice, or is it crappy?

Much more protein today...
Hamburger for "brekky" w/ grilled tomatoes
Protein w/ Monster LC Energy Drink
Atkins bar...water all day....water! 
Protein w/ Canada Dry Mandarin Orange
And coffee w/ cream...I switched back to cream
11,500 steps at work already! A busy, random day.

Thanks for sharing my day with me!


  1. A day that is busy AND random.
    Wish you were here!
    I'd cook you some lunch...

  2. Wow, love these signs, impressed by all your steps, and yes it must be a low crb experience. take care.

  3. I just love how you tell a story with pictures. Sounds like a great day...I would have tried to stay on Easy Street.

  4. I switched back to cream as well. Bought a big bag of individual creamers at Costco my last trip there. REAL food for REAL bodies. Nothing there to hurt us. Same with butter and oil and meat and eggs etc.
    Love the lunch on the run photo funny!

  5. Fairy Tale Manor!?!?! Does the staff dress up like the Seven Dwarfs :-)

    It looks like you were all over town today and having a fun time of it.

    I'm off to Ohio for my niece's baby shower. I'll catch up with you again soon.


  6. You are such an inspiration Anne, I would love to have a quarter of your discipline.
    ..........:-) Hugs

  7. Karen - heavy whipping cream for me, please.
    I took my coffee black for a while.
    Woke up today - and it had to have cream in it!

  8. JJ - I THOUGHT the Nurses were dressed up....
    Turned out, no - they weren't!
    But some of them sure were Grumpy.
    (I kid, I kid!)
    Imagine me talking like
    Triumph the Insult Dog here...it works better that way!

  9. Where do you get your protein bars? I looked online and can order online but I know they are at the store too.
    What a cute little smart car with a tongue hanging out trying to keep up with the "real cars". Ha.

  10. i have just stumbled in, late as usual, catching up now my rss reader is working, and man alive i totally forgot how much you cheer me up!! my cheeks are hurting from smiling. missed you dude!


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