29 April 2010

Lo Carb kind of day

If only we knew how they really felt...
Everyone knows - it's windy!!

The corner of "Digital" and "Analog" in  Telecom Corridor.
Did he, or didn't he? (Go in the woods...)
Got Charmin?
Our hamburgers are "meatier"
Bet they never hear that one...
Unusual name for a "LoCarb" bar...
This Red Line is a really good thing!
0500 on the treadmill,
and again tonight (a wee bit!)

this bar, cashews,
Monster w/protein x2
Coffee w/heavy cream x1
Raindrops w/roses
Whiskers w/kittens

This just in....

Imagine two more Brussels Sprouts on the plate...
I ate 'em already! Had to see if they were done, right?
Hamburger w/ onion, sausage, 
"dallop" of sour cream, Heinz 57....

Did not eat half of it....just not hungry, I guess!
Not this late in the day.... tomorrow, eh?


  1. And dinner (or supper, as the case may be)
    ... roasted Brussels sprouts, ground chuck w / brats
    Something like that.....
    These things take time to cook and prepare!

  2. Woman, you glow!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous!
    If that's true, it's because of the Love I have in my heart!

  4. GREAT pics! lol I still cant bring myself to try Brussel Sprouts...eww!

  5. Kristina, it's (sometimes) all in the way they are cooked.
    Done right, they are pretty good!
    I guess that's true about anything, eh?

  6. love roasted sprouts now.

    what is 'red line' ? do you eat only one meat a day, the rest supplements? (just curious) I don't think i could do that.. i love food too much.... maybe that's a problem, hrmmm

  7. amoslionhorse -
    I have a job where I drive from place to place.
    So it's easier for me to eat once I get home.
    While I'm out and about, I have protein drinks,
    Atkins bars, hard boiled eggs, nuts, cashews,
    And things that are easy to eat, with no refrigeration needed.
    Most days, I get home and cook. Or have a salad.
    But yeah, it's been that I eat a "real meal" only once a day.
    But it works for me in that I'm seldom hungry!

    RedLine is a real real real strong energy drink!
    Kinda like rocket fuel.
    (I also have a very high tolerance for caffeine.)

    Karla - the bear --he looks like he needs to find a place to go
    RIGHT NOW! Or maybe I'm projecting again...

  8. When the sign says No Tresspassing in Texas then don't even put your foot over the line....they have guns there sweetie.

    Everything looks so nice on your blog, love it.
    ........:-) Hugs

  9. BIG guns - at that!
    "No" means "No!" I guess...
    So glad you like my blog, Bernie. Thanks for your kind words.
    Thanks, everyone for reading, and being part of it!

    By The Way - the dinner last night (that I didn't eat)
    made a great breakfast this morning!
    A little non-conventional, but that's ok, too!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  10. I have something for you on my blog!

  11. Hey, beautiful lady. I have an award for you on my blog.

  12. I like soy sauce on my Brussels Sprouts. I like the idea you show of mixing brauts in with ground meat.

  13. I think Brussels Sprouts get a bad rap. I happen to think they are wonderful. HD, not a fan, however. I certainly hope you kept your distance when you snapped the picture of the "No Trespass" sign. I'd hate for anything to happen to you. :)

  14. Roasted Brussels sprouts are on my top ten list. Your food always looks so tasty.


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