12 April 2010

weight, weight - don't tell me

A bathroom scale in an office building?
What's next - corporate weigh-ins
for Desk Jockeys?
Musta been a par-tay up in here! Monster vs Donkey Kick.
You know I'm telling the truth, 'cuz I'm on the level...
Fried shrimp w/ balsamic-roasted zucchini, 
yellow squash, and roasted pecans

Monster w/protein x2
Shrimp et all - (hehe)
Coffee w/sf hot choc
No Atkins bar, but the day is still young...

Learning computer things, un-packing,
house-work, work-work, 
and re-connecting with friends.
Learning how to do that!

Wore my scrubs size Medium back to work!
M's and L's from now on.
XL's make me look like I'm wearing pajamas!
And 2x's are outta here!

The perfect ending to a perfect day.
The perfect start to another.


  1. After cooking such a scrumptious meal,
    I took the time to do the dishes.
    And put them up!
    After doing a quick load of laundry,
    I took the time to iron a set of scrubs!
    And hang the laundry up!
    It's like making "grand rounds"
    in every room, every project of my house.
    Just a few more steps, and I'm done!

  2. That meal looks scrumptious!!! I could definitely eat some of that!

    Great work on the M & L scrubs!

    Loving the perfection in your life. You are really getting things done...I will have to borrow some of that get up and go!

    Have a great Monday!

  3. MMMMM that dinner lookd awesome. Love me some shrimp!!! Happy Happy joy joy it's MONDAY!!!

  4. I have to make the zucchini dish. I have some in the frig. It looks so good I hope I can wait till lunch time to make it.

  5. Zucchini has lots of potassium --good for the cellulite :)

  6. Yum! Your food always looks so good. I'm now thinking of zucchini for tonight's dinner. See, you've served a public service today...meal planner deluxe!! Thanks

  7. On the level, I love that. If there was a battle, who would win? Donky Kick or Monster?

    Glad you're almost all settled in. That's a great thing.

  8. Mediums ARE the message!
    Balsamic makes everything yummier.
    Were the shrimp medium as well?

  9. MPax - do you even need to ask? (*monster*)

    Fitcetera - yes, indeed! Medium as well.

    VRaz - I never thought I'd see the day where
    people compliment me on my LowCarb food looking good!
    Proves that anything is possible!

  10. Oh Anne those shrimp look delicious, sorry I am late getting around, have not been feeling well........:-) Hugs


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