21 April 2010

if I only had a brain ♪

♪ I could while away the hours ♪
♪ Conferring with the flowers  ♫
♫ Consulting with the rain... ♬
When an Energy Drink comes with a warning, it's got to be good...
Time for a hair cut, eh?
Double click an image to enlarge it, eh?

Wildflowers are just everywhere!
Some of them are no bigger than a baby's fingernail.

Busted through into the 130's this week.
I've lost the equivalent of a person this year.
A heavy, dark and brooding person.

The word "daft" as in "daffy" 
and the word "daffodil" probably share some meaning.
The daffodil is from the Narcissus family.
Derived from Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection.
Now only the echo remains. 


  1. i love the ADD quality of your blog. :) it fits me perfectly. I can't believe you have sweet Williams and poppies already!! Altho.. you are in TX, and I'm in S. Ontario.. a long ways off. I have both planted in my gardens, can't wait to see them!

    CONGRATS on the 130's!!!!

  2. Amy
    I know, right?
    I myself am not ADD, except only recently!
    I am finally getting my brain back!
    There were times I didn't think I would be able
    to come back from this one.

  3. I love me a new weight decade...congratulations...simply love your flower pics.

  4. The scarecrow has always been my favourite ;)

  5. I have never had an energy drink or seen one up close. You have accomplished so much and you are inspiring me and my hubby. I actually stepped on the scale and will check it regularly now instead of hiding my head in the sand regarding gaining weight. Thank you.

  6. TechnoBabe -
    Thanks so much for your support and kind words.
    I am not a scale aficionado! Or a fan of daily weights.
    But it's good to resolve my scale issues
    and not derive my self-worth from what the numbers say -
    It's just feedback - a tool in my repertoire!

  7. Again, I'm a bit jealous of the wonderful flowers in full bloom!! We're getting a hint of color around here, and it just makes everything feel brighter.

  8. Wahoooo for the 130's!

    I have lost a person this past year, too... but it's more like a kindergartner or preschooler... of normal weight... LOL.

    Love your scale-osophy.

  9. OK....
    My numbers are technically more like a dog's weight.
    A BIG dog, though!
    But fundamentally, I have also lost a heavy person!

  10. Oohhh now I get it.... Yeah, she is TOTALLY gone... ;)

    Those flowers are so beautiful. That one picture reminds me of that one group of women who wear purple and red.

    Love your blog!

  11. I like the new header pic, Anne. Very pretty.
    The red in 'Carb Tripper' might need changing though ... for prettiness sake. White would probably stand out better? In the field of flowers? Outstanding in its field? huh? eh?

    130s! Yahoooooooo!

  12. I like it too, but I agree, it needs something.
    It's all in the details, eh?
    Trial and error, just like in life, and weight-loss....
    I'll try the white. Outstanding!

  13. wow that white looks great... really POPS!!!

  14. How beautiful ... and happy. The world is happy. :D Smiling at us.

    With that said, we're getting a mix of rain and snow today. Not surprising really ...

  15. 130??! Wow. That is very impressive. You are sort like a spring flower yourself, shedding off the winter of your life. Good for you!

  16. Lin
    Oops - my bad!
    Lin - It's actually IN the 130's --a new statistical reference point.
    From the 140's to the 130's but only by a couple of pounds!
    Maybe later....it'll happen...I have confidence!
    (Sorry that wasn't more clear!)

  17. The white looks great! I love the flower pics. Congrats on the 130's!! I hope I can lose my broody person this year. I've had about enough. You seem so much "lighter" these days - I'm happy for you.

  18. Love all your photo's, you look wonderful Anne, I am so happy for you.....:-) Hugs

  19. Anne your header is awesome, you have got to be feeling on the top of the world, how much more energy do you have Anne. congrats on getting to the 130s Hugs to you.


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