07 April 2010

home of happiness

"Denton - The Home of Happiness!"
from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Went for a bicycle helmet - scored all this stuff, pro bono!
Perhaps it was a break-up and they wanted the stuff gone today!
"Just haul it off" she said. "Done!" I replied.

Denton is a college town: University of North Texas,
Once famous for the Jazz/Music Program.
And Texas Women's University, once famous for the School of Nursing.

Almost every street is like a bohemian arts district: 
bed and breakfast, tea-rooms,
day-spa, galleries, yoga, and Namaste!

I can hear the ocean! 
Much more excited about these jars! 
I put dry protein powder mix in them for work.
Then when I'm ready, add Monster LC Energy drink, 
and *viola* instant smoothie!
This is what I went for! 
craigslist is an awesome force.

New gel seat from the bike store
for my under-utilized, disenfranchised, ischial tuberosities.
Or "sitz" bones... 

Roasted cauliflower (not really made from collies, or flowers)
Hamburger patty, Avocado without the seed-thingy, of course.

Monster, protein x2
The above x1
Coffee, water, Atkins bar,
Cut way way back on the caffeine!

Sorrowful indie/college music mix
for your melancholy, bohemian, "shabby-sheik" day...


  1. Sounds like a Starbucks mix ♨
    I like to open a second tab or window
    and let the music play in the background.
    Especially fulfilling on rainy days ☂

  2. I love when you come across a find like that. a box of treasures. Have a great day. I am working on evicted that guy from my head. lol.

  3. CAULIFLOWER!! I actually had some for dinner last night myself. I got one of those Green Giant steamer bags: steamed..Smashed..Added 1T cream cheese and a splash of heavy cream and then topped it with salt, pepper and garlic mmm mmm good!

    Thanks for the music..been enjoying it this morning. Have a superfantastick day :)

  4. This little soundtrack is just right for today (for me.)
    Kinda angst and urbane - all in a "healing" way!

    Cinner, you are up late! Can't sleep? Drats.

    KKSC2NC I tried to post a comment on your blog but I kept getting error messages.
    Blogger gets bogged down sometimes. *sigh*
    I'll try later!

    By now, my box of goodies have all been handed out to the person or people who need the items.....
    jump ropes, jars, ALL NEW cool things that have a new home!
    Sharing is caring, !

  5. Let us know how the new seat works out!
    Unless it's... I have to say it... a sore subject.

  6. Wow, you are getting into the music thingy, and you are looking so cool in your bike helmet. Stylin'!!

  7. Nice stash for free :) I love roasted cauliflower and broccoli!

  8. I am obsessed with avocado - like violently. When I was growing up, my mother would cut a slice of avocado (except that we called it "pear") for everyone to go along with anything and everything that we were eating. I thought that was a Jamaican thing until my Hondorus American lover said that his family did the same thing. And here you are doing it, too!

  9. Namaste, oh wise one. I've been making pizza crust with collieflowers lately. It rocks.

    Love the new bike & gear. Awesome.

  10. Nice looking helmet, Anne! have you taken it out for a spin yet?

  11. Namaste, o, my people!

    Thanks JJ- the bike is fancy with gears and stuff...
    I'm such a nerd/ geek I had to watch a YouTube video
    to get it all coordinated. A middle-age crisis in the making!

    And last night I stuck my hand through the spokes
    to see if they were moving, I guess! -- Turns out, they were!
    So now I'm official with a goose-egg to prove it.

  12. Nice find my friend, love the extra goodies while getting your helmet....I love cauliflower if covered with cheese sauce (is that part of your diet)
    take care sweetie.......:-) Hugs

  13. My sons go to UNT - nice to see the pictures of Denton...I don't get up there very often. Love the square there.

    Your bike set up is very cool - great that you can ride indoors when the weather isn't cooperating!

  14. Cauliflower, hamburgers and avocados...a few of my favourite things.

    Love the bike seat, it looks very comfortable.

    Great score on all the stuff and I am glad it all has a home now.

    Take care of your goose egg...sounds painful.

    It's just a jump to left...and then a step to the riiiiiight...

    Thanks for the positive energy...I am bottling it and saving it for tomorrow at work!

    Good night!

  15. Score! That looks like a great bag of goodies.

    Sorry about your owie. Now we know what NOT to do, huh?

    I like track No. 1. It reminds me of being outside and riding for miles...

  16. Happy to know you'll be riding. Happy to know you'll be wearing a helmet. :-)

    Here's the pickle though - we're going to have to see pics of you riding the bike. How's that going to happen?!


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