19 April 2010

sizing it up

What is a serving size of broccoli? Half a cup? About 5 florets.
One Serving Balsamic Roasted Broccoli w/Toronto Seasoning
Nicely done!  Read as "want to lick the plate."

One ounce of peanuts = about 28 grams
Fits in a once ounce cuppy
One ounce of cheese - the hard stuff
Sharp Cheddar in this case...
Measures out to just a few cc's
Caution - objects in the viewer appear larger than in real life
Monster w/protein 
When I use vanilla base, I can add any flavour mix!
DaVinci Sugar-Free Syrups
Roasted cod with chopped pecans, roasted cranberry, 
and balsamic roasted broccoli 
Added a sprinkle of TruLemon for zesty-ness!

Monster w/protein x2
This meal above
More water, coffee, creatine again
Less Sudafed than usual and no Advil!

No headache - no conflict!
A friend at work said I was only 98 - 99% conflict free.
I guess it shows in my eyes or something.

P90X won't play in the laptop.
So I had to assemble the tv/dvd/sound system.
I've got a ways to go on the workouts!
It's suddenly very cold and rainy here -
Glad I can workout indoors!


  1. Jacket weather for a couple of days here in North Texas!
    Not to worry - it will soon be sweltering hot again!

  2. Roasted broccoli is one of my favorite veggies :)
    Getting warmer here!

  3. I made some pan-roasted brussel sprouts tonight and wished for some balsamic to add some tang. What is with this weather? I like it, though. I'm already dreading summer...

    btw, those talking kitties are the cutest!

  4. The people who just have google reader
    miss out on all the sidebar items.
    Sometimes, that's the best part.
    I love those kittens, too.

  5. Are you sure your not a chef? Everything always looks and sounds so good.....:-) Hugs

  6. I agree with Bernie! Once again your dinner looks and sounds great!!!

    Vacay starts tomorrow so I hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend.

  7. Whoot, Whoot!
    Hope it's the best vacation eveh!

  8. Hmm..what is Toronto Seasoning?

  9. mmmm it all looks sooooo YUMMY!!

    I protest that 1 portion of cheese needs to be a lot bigger. I could live on cheese.

  10. Yesterday I pulled out the scale which I have had hidden behind the door to where the washer is. It was not a pretty sight. So okay, today I begin. I am not going to weigh every day but I will want to see if my efforts are being rewarded. Wish me luck and a strong will.

  11. Yummy!! I absolutely love broccoli!! Yours looked particularly lovely.

  12. the brocolli and cod look awesome..... could you provide a link to the recipe?
    Bill (another low carb convert)

  13. Hi, I just found you blog, it is a lot of fun to read sometimes and very interesting other times and very delicious the rest of the time.
    I love the kittens. I'm the kitten that slid off the treadmill and gave up. I wish I was like the other one. They were hysterical. And the little talkers...to sweet.

  14. Yummy! Your posts always make me hungry :)

    Yes, your eyes probably gave away that 1 - 2% conflict. I love your dry sense of humor, Anne...it cracks me up.


  15. It's cold and rainy here, too. Rained whenever I stepped out of the car ... of course.

    I wish I could eat balsamic. Yum! I roast my veggies plain. Trader Joe's sometimes has this pack of cauliflower & broccoli in a rainbow of colors. It's so pretty. Makes me happy to eat it. :D

  16. Great looking broccoli, Anne!

    I firmly believe many more people would actually enjoy broccoli if it were only cooked well.

    I hear the rumblings of a broccoli revolution in the distance!

  17. I love broccoli and like to roast it in olive oil with walnuts and tomatoes. Delicious!

    Boo to cold and rainy!

  18. Bill - I just "roasted" everything -
    a little olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, and seasoning...
    Stick it in the oven @350 x 45 min (more or less)
    Or in a fry-pan ....either way works well...

    Enz - Whole Foods makes "Toronto Seasoning"
    A rub for meats or shake it on anything!
    No salt - I'll show a picture one day.

    Harry/JP - I heard the rumbling too,
    but I thought it was someone's stomach growling!
    Just thinking about broccoli does it for me.

    Y'all - thanks for all the kind words and comments!


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