20 April 2010

flora and fauna

Do you see the little lady bug?

Behind the local Hospital where the street dead ends.
An overgrown dandelion patch.
All kinds of urbane wildflowers and wildlife!

Spice - the variety of life...
Toronto seasoning from Whole Foods
Seen here on two eggs w/ cheese

Monster w/protein
2 eggs w/cheese, above
SF Fuel Energy Drink (not too shabby)
Atkins bar, snack pack of peanuts
Coffee w/sf hot choc x2
Water, water, and more water

Someone was watching Jeopardy today at work
I somehow knew all the answers... 
Things I had no way of knowing. Lucky guesses?

Borrowed a page from the dandelion today,
decided to "lower my standards,"
and quit striving for changes that will never happen.
Not defeated - just realistic. 
Focus instead on things I can control in my own life.
Maybe, maybe not a Rational Emotive way to handle conflict.

Here's my hair getting longer - it's everywhere!


  1. The decision to "quit striving" is just an attempt
    to be more authentic and "accept the things I can not change."
    Kinda like "letting go" more so than "giving up."
    It's all good!

  2. I haven't seen a dandelion since I don't know when! Thanks for reminding me.

  3. The top flowers look like purple sunflowers :-)

    Accepting the things you can't change is a HUGE step forward Anne! Good for you. It lets you focus on all the really positive things you've got going on and helps you be open to the future, right? I'm pretty sure that's what my therapist would say :-) And, it really does make sense. Onward and upward!!!!

    And, nice hair!

    xo jj

  4. Thanks JJ
    It has been my singular goal to move forward
    BUT without animosity... that is the key for me.
    Just to project, or have a reaction formation, or lapse into denial...
    That IS the problem, not the answer!
    To forgive myself unconditionally for the mistake
    of looking for answers where they cannot be found.
    You know, THAT old chestnut....
    And the hair.....omg....

  5. Hey, kid, you're amazing. Thanks for the beautiful photos. LOVE the little lady bug. What a treat!

  6. I just saw the little lady bug! Missed her the first time.


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