09 April 2010


Is it edible art?
Walnuts, cranberries, "American" salad mix
 Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil
w/ a pkg of Italian Seasoning
This is the *light* version!
It gives the dressing a "sultry" taste 
that leaves you saying "OMG"
and licking the bowl!


❃ Spring-time at the friendly local Super WalMart ❃
You know you are moving on (or moving out)
when you get new laundry baskets and a new trash can!

anne h said...

One *plus* to going to a Super WalMart: They are about 200,000 square feet big! That's huge! So I can get a 15 minute mile walk in, when I stop to get something - just by going around the inside part 2 or 3 times! Rain or shine, hot or cold, I can take a walk during my lunch break!


  1. Beatles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    And snack.
    Don't forget the snack.

  2. hey there Anne, you had me at cross-dressing but I knew it was about salads. I am off to bed again, just waiting for hubby to call, he is out in a snow storm....our weather is cucu for cocopuffs. drank lots and lots of water today, what a difference in one day. take care. keep up the great job... I am your biggest fan....probably weightwise too. lol.

  3. That salad looks awesome...Looks like I might have to try cross dressing. woooohooo!! Happy Friday!!

  4. I think your food pics are almost as good as your vacation pics....not sure about the Wal-Mart pics though :P~

  5. What - are you kidding me?
    That's my home away from home!
    Where else can you get a million things
    you didn't know you didn't need?

  6. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar are my usual salad dressing. My favorite actually. I too add walnuts and cranberries because it is good for cholesterol.
    I like that you put pictures of what you eat and how you fix things.

  7. Super WalMart??? I've never been in a regular WalMart before! I gotta get out more :-)


  8. I went out for dinner last night and I had such a great Cobb salad. Big chunks of turkey breast, crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes, hard boiled egg, spring onions, bleu cheese crumbles, lots of creamy avocado and Brown Derby dressing.

    Your salad looks delicious as well, cranberries and nuts can really make a salad. Love the video, haven't heard that song for a long time.

    I believe I need another trip to Wal-Mart...I want wicker laundry baskets and I need a new dish tray and rack. Not sure why I didn't think of that when I was there on Saturday night.

    Great job on the bike and happy to hear you are healing. I had to trade off my 2.5 mile walk for a ten mile bike ride last night due to foot ouchness...I think that was a fair trade!

  9. True, your Wal-Marts are nicer than ours...I hate Canadian Wal-Marts but I love the one in Buffalo.

  10. Hey there! I love your blog. You're fuN!! Gotta try that cross-dressing

  11. One *plus* to going to a Super WalMart:
    They are about 200,000 square feet big!
    That's huge!
    So I can get a 15 minute mile walk in,
    when I stop to get something -
    just by going around the inside part 2 or 3 times!
    Rain or shine, hot or cold, I can take a walk during my lunch break!

  12. The one form of exercise I never complain about is walking around shops or malls :)

  13. Hey, Anne, how come I can't find your archives?

  14. Mmmmm, can I have som' mo' Paul, please? LOL

    super store excercise is something I get at least once a week.

  15. Your salad looks so yummy! Plus my favorite salad dressing of balsamic/olive oil. I either use that or Paul Newman's Light Sesame Dressing.

    I'm sorry you have a boo-boo though...Hope it heals up lickety-split.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  16. Love your blogs! I haven't been commenting much, but I have been admiring your photos!

  17. Enz - I moved the archives to the sidebar -
    they were just down below - by the followers!
    Unless you meant my previous blog,
    Which is only hibernating.
    Thanks, everyone for reading!

  18. I think I must mean your previos blog, didn't realize it was a different one.

  19. Oh, THAT previous blog!
    It was the same blog.
    But when I took a blogging break, I moved it.
    Alot of people have asked me about it.
    Which is sweet - I never thought anyone would remember it.
    And I have cleaned it up, so I can bring it back!
    Coming soon to an archive near you!

  20. sultry salad dressing hey?? and there was me thinkig it was like flavoured lube or something lol


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