30 April 2010

awsome blossom!

How wonderful is this?
To be mentioned by name for such an honour!
Thanks,  266!

266 is one of the hardest working bloggers in Blogland.
She posts twice a day - mostly - and hits the sidebar like a machine!
Her weight is steadily going down, down....
She poses in a similar outfit (before and after pics) with the same background,
Because she KNEW she would be losing it. Right from the start!

And since I love flowers on such a rainy, dark day as today....
Here's a few that I've seen, and taken pictures of this Spring.

The Fabulous Blogger Award says to pick 6 bloggers and pass it along.
There are so many people in my blogging world!
Some of you, I can't do without! 
Some are a true weight-loss inspiration.
Some have never missed a chance to comment on my blog.
This is a small acknowledgement for the ones who share so much of themselves.
Thanks - now you can pass it on!

The REAL Flowers of Spring!     (Yep, that's all of us, alright!)

Carrie at In Transition

Kimberly at K The Phoenix

Kelly at Happy Texans

Monster w/ protein
Atkins bar
Sausage w/ jalapeno and cheese
Coffee w/ cream
Water - never enough.

Craving something today.
Didn't give in - Just have that feeling....
Trying to be patient with myself.
The feeling hasn't really gone away.
This might take awhile....
That's ok
Time is what I've got plenty of !


  1. We walked right by the chips and ice cream and cookies at the store today and didn't put any of it in the cart. We made it out to the car and put everything in the trunk and when we sat down in the car we looked at each other and smiled. You know, the smile that says "we did it". Whew.

  2. Such pretty flowers...I have to laugh at my goof on a comment several posts ago. I didn't realize that you were curious about the Llama's or whatever they were and not the flowers which I had my wife (who has a botany degree) glanced over and commented on....what and idiot I was...LOL.

    Oh...I think I'll always have cravings for my trigger foods...always. I've actually come to terms with it as a good healthy reminder actually of what I need to be careful of. I'm actually more concerned about being sooo comfortable that I let my guard down. It has happened before...and the results were seen many pounds later.

  3. Oh, Kyle - you are a true gentleman!
    Any "goof " you have is ok by me!
    I didn't know the flowers, either - so it's all good!

    And the cravings -
    I know I will crave for this one in particular -
    maybe for a long time.

  4. Thanks very much Anne! No one ever called me a flower before. I like it.

  5. We are all that, eh?
    Flower Power!

  6. Anne, you certainly deserve the recognition, you are such a leader, our little warrior. Thank you so much for mentioning my name. It meant a lot. Your photography sure rocks these days my friend. of course I am a flower lover. take care. and thank you. have a great weekend.

  7. Congrats sweetie, well deserved. Love the flowers......have a great weekend and hopefully we will have a bit of sunshine tomorrow.......:-) Hugs

  8. I am so glad Karen passed the award on to you Ann, you always make me smile. I reckon we would be great friends in "Real Life":o)

    I love your header picture, meadow flowers are beautiful.

  9. Congrats on the blog award, Anne. You have earned much reward with your hard work and dedication, and then you share your daily experiences with us which in turn encourages us too. Thanks for sharing the award, you lady with a tool belt bike riding truck driving weight loser woman!

  10. Um, Sheilagh, I didn't ... 266 did.
    I passed mine on to the maintainers this time. Those people inspire me to know that there is life after weight loss.

  11. Thanks Anne!!!! wow, you honour me! i love your blog.. i feel so unworthy.. but thank you!! i missed a day yesterday, but it was sooooo worth it, I'll mention it later.

    thanks beautiful flower!

  12. Congratulations Anne you definitely deserve that award :)

  13. Thanks SpunkySuzi -
    We all do!
    Everyone is worthy (and much much more!)
    We all bring something "to the table-"
    Losers, gainers, maintainers, lurkers, and wanna-be's!
    And every size and style in between!
    Cuz we've all been everyone at one time or another.

    I am honoured to be part of our "little/big" group of Bloggers.
    Blogging together has been one of the best parts of the ride.
    Wouldn't you agree?

  14. Sorry my brain is addled,
    I stand corrected...
    apologises to the lovely 266:0)
    And Karen:O) two awesome girls!!

  15. Indeed they are 2 awesome people, my dear Sheilagh!
    As are you!
    And no doubt we would be friends in real life.
    It's an honour to know you all, even through the blogs.

  16. Thank you so much Anne. This was the highlight of my night! I love flowers and always enjoy reading and commenting on your blogs. You share so much of the world you are in with us here. Thank you for taking the time! You are appreciated!


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