26 April 2010

who let the cows out? ♪

♫♪ moo! moo! moo! moo! ♪♫

'Stock In The City
And who let these things out?
What ever they are...

Contemporary retro in mid-north Dallas
fear this

No monster, no protein
No Fear - good but hard to find
Coffee, s/f hot choc, water,
Atkins bar, cashews, 
SF, gluten-free lc bar,
No cooking, AND went to bed early.
I do much, much better on days
when I have the protein.
Just sayin'...


  1. It's important to have protein sweetie.
    I love the photo's, is this area close to where you have recently moved.....looks lovely Anne........:-) Hugs

  2. It wasn't planned that way.. to skip the protein...
    "Fail to plan...plan to fail" is true!
    Bernie - these pictures are from where I drove
    all around in my beautiful Dallas, Texas!

  3. At a very quick glance, my wife believe the top ones are Bachelor's Buttons, but the ones below are most definitely bearded iris...her favorite. Great pics.

  4. Anne, the photos are just brilliant, Love all the flowers you have been taking. Fail to plan plan to fail...that is brilliant too. I am planning girlfriend....darn straight. be well. Let me know when you get your little surprise. take care.Have a great day.

  5. Yep, Iris is a beautiful flower. They were abundant where I grew up, we moved so often but each place we moved to there were Iris plants and lovely flowers.

  6. i so love your photos! Are those Emu's? Llama's? I have no idea.

    Now I'm going to be singing that song all day.. :) LOVE the statues!

    yup.. protein for me is my key!

  7. They would be llama's. Might even be a few alpaca's in there. I used to raise a bunch of both...

  8. Those funny animals could be Alpacas as well. I love anything that resemble the Llama or Alpaca! :o) Very interesting looking animals.

    I love cows too! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  9. Good thing them cows are fenced. They can't mug you then.

    Love the art in the windows. Is it a gallery?

  10. Beautiful flowers and art.

    My friend is headed for Dallas on Friday. Please say hello to her. LOL!

    I am a cow fan too. A few years ago I was in Prince Edward Island. We arrived around midnight and went straight to our hotel and right to bed. I woke up in the morning to the sound of mooing...I looked out the window and the hotel was right beside a cow pasture. I loved it!

  11. Alpaca - Just in time to make a nice sweater!
    And Hello! to Kimberly's friend!!


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