13 April 2010

john dear

What did the tractor say to the trailer?
"Pull me closer, John, Dear!"
First day back at work and I'm sporting a wee little headache.
Come to discover I didn't have my protein mix today!
Packed it, took it, but didn't drink it.
The library is a quiet place to work on notes.
With cool chairs.
And a view. And automatic water fountains.

And, oh yeah... this morning...
Pretty close to 140 fully dressed /minus shoes!
Times like this I wish I knew what my starting weight was.
205 when I stopped weighing, so....add to that...
How much??

Monster w/protein for breakfast
Coffee, water, 
Snack pack of cheese
Snack bag of peanuts
Advil and off to bed!


  1. Since I'm not in a race or a contest with anyone to lose the most weight in a year, I know it really doesn't matter what my "starting weight" was.

    Still, some part of me wants to know...

  2. Way to go Anne, you do not look 205 pounds, You are doing fabulous, keep up the good work. I am getting off of here now. every night I have about an hour where I can not sleep. I have a doctors appointment in the morning, so better get some rest. Take care...off to post office today too.

  3. Oh I forgot the John Deer tractor was at the front of the church on my Dads casket when he passed away...I never understood the thing about John Deer, but he loved them and his name was John...just a fyi/

  4. I don't blame ya. I want to know, too! 140 is AMAZING!

  5. Why thank you!!
    I know I gained more past 205 -
    that is when I refused to step on the scales.
    I know it really doesn't matter, BUT...

  6. GREAT JOB Anne!!! I was having one of those I give up days until I read this post. Thank you for the inspiration.

    PS. I <3 John Deer

  7. 140!! wow!!! that is amazing!! I love your attitude, thats why I read so many blogs, keeps me on track.

  8. You have come a long way kiddo :)
    Make sure you get your protein you don't need those damn headaches to come back!!

  9. That looks like sauerkraut to me.
    Not your headache pic ... the protein!

  10. Wow, you have done an amazing job taking care of yourself and losing weight and eating nutritious foods. I admire your determination and your achievement.

  11. Ya got me!! I was absolutely certain that the "John" you were referencing was the newly decorated bathroom in your apartment!! Boy is my face red!! BTW, hubby dearest used to work for John Deere Credit. What a co-inky dink. At any rate, congrats on the wonderful weight loss, and subsequent blog that we all enjoy so much. Ta-Da!

  12. Amazing job..and I'd want to know too!

  13. Way to go, Anne!

    I don't know what my starting weight was either. I have no idea what I way now. Two years ago I was at 139. I suspect I remain in the 130's.

    Hope your first day back at work was a good one.

  14. Sauerkraut?
    Well, that would explain the headache!

    Yep - that's me! 140 this very a.m.

  15. Hope you enjoyed some of your first day back at work...aside from the headache. Boo to that!

    Those chairs do look comfy and I like the table attachments.

    I must confess that I have seen something on your blog that I have never seen before. You weighed in wearing your socks. I don't think I have ever seen that...it is always bare feet. I think you can shave a pound off for the socks.

    It must be so cool to weigh 140 and if I could stop jamming cupcakes in my mouth (one each of chocolate and vanilla) I might see 240 one day.

    Hope the headache has disappeared. Love the tractor joke!

    By the way, saying "no" to meetings at my work is heavily frowned upon...and since they actually pay me to be there (you are shocked I know, you thought I loved it and did it for free LOL!) I have to suck it up and suffer through pointless meetings.

    Did I mention I am off for nine weeks this summer and my mini vacation is coming up on Thursday? Woohoo!

  16. I hope you are sufficiently proud of your weigh in numbers. Awesome!

  17. Way to go Anne, 140 is great. You don't have to loose any more really and perhaps that is why you had a bit of a headache today, the stress of being back at work and you didn't eat very much....now listen to mother and eat your meals.......big hugs....:-)

  18. Thanks, everyone!
    135 was always my goal...that's my Army weight.
    And at 5'2" I could probably stand to come down from even that.
    All in good time.
    I'm in no hurry.
    And thanks, Bernie, for the cyber-hugs!


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