26 April 2010

out and aboot

Armed with only a cell phone camera...

The Very Super-Sized Happy Meal
Dallas Tx
Super-Sized Red Bull
Top down, Cruising the Crossroads

Prosciutto, two eggs w/cheese ...fried in ghee 
roasted tomato/onion
Avocado awesomeness on a plate 

Protein in Mandarin Orange Canada Dry
RedLine - not Monster
Couple of Red Bulls whilst out.
Coffee x2. Water. Whipping cream in the coffee...
I know, right? Made me feel a little tired, after a little rush.
Still happy though. Very happy!
Atkins bar. Snack pack of peanuts.
Cleaning. Never get caught up on the tasks at hand.

This just in... or "out" as the case may be...
The sugar-free jellies that didn't make it home.... a real jam...

Down, Down, Do Your Dance

Can't get this song off my mind!
YouTube Video
Move your muscle!


  1. Took a wee little nap in the day.
    Up at 1 am now....
    Whistling a tune in the dark...

  2. I love all of the photos. The phone cameras are getting so much better these days. I used my phone camera on vacation almost all the time. And the photos came out pretty good. Congrats on all of your success this year. 65 pounds is pretty amazing!

  3. Anne, you did a great job with the camera on the phone. You looked like you were having fun. 65 pounds is so awesome....I am finally on track, so all is good here. whistling a tune in the dark too. lol. have agreat day.

  4. your camera phone takes better pics than my 5.0 digital! wow!

    and please...what is ghee??

  5. If this is just a cell phone camera, wow. It takes good pics. You got me eating more avocados.

  6. Its NO wonder that America is SUPER SIZED, right? lol. Great pics. Love the Red Bull Mini Cooper! And the avocado awesomeness looks super yummy (a new food item, I have just learned to love!). Have a great day!

  7. I wants eggs for breakfast now! Too bad we're out.

  8. Phone camera - that's better pics than one of my small camera's.
    I love your pictures :)

  9. How true, about never getting caught up. I clean the floor. Husband tracks in more mud. Gah! There's always more.

    Love the cruising pics. Major cool. It's quite an essay on our culture, isn't it? Visual poetry ... and horror.

    Your camera phone is way better than mine.

  10. Ghee is clarified butter.
    Here's a link to wikipedia on GHEE

  11. Great pics. Very cheery. Roasted tomato and onion...mmm...avocado...mmm...

    I have never heard of Cupid until today, but now I love the song.

  12. How did I miss this post....love it and I am like Technobabe, now I want an avocado.
    .........:-) Hugs


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