31 March 2010

gym class dropout

The treadmill, weight bench and I have a new home!
Two strapping young dudes made quick work of the moving process.
The rest is just "fill in the gaps."
The end of an era *sniff*
At this old apartment, I used to dash in, as fast as I could,
to check my email and comments on my previous blog...
And talk, talk, talk, on the phone for hours...
Farewell, cable - we barely knew ye!
d/c the cable for a while
to concentrate better on my true "recovery."
I take my weight-loss (and subsequent issues) seriously
-- no less so than if I were in recovery from something --
Because I am!
These are the WORST earbuds - I can't hear anything!
Oh wait - they are ear PLUGS! :D
Lunch at Jack In The Box for the movers and me.
Grilled chicken salad, please!
If it stands still, paint it.  If it moves, salute it.
(At least that's what they say in the Army!)
Still plenty to do!
I am the kind of person that would be good to have on a major project.
I have the opposite of ADD - I can stay focused for hours!
Marathon sessions are my forte! I'm just now hitting my stride.

Monster w/protein, of course, you say!
Only half of the salad - it tasted "salty" to me
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate  - another habit, I'd say!
Half an Atkins bar I found under the couch when I moved...
Just kidding! I ate all of it, not half of it.
But I really just unwrapped it, fresh from the box!

The weather is so wonderfully perfect.
They say Spring only lasts about 2 weeks here in Dallas...
Then it goes right from "windows open" to "air conditioning."
I fell asleep on the memory foam topper - still in my clothes!
Now that is tired! But only after about 18 hours of physical work.
Must be the full moon.


  1. Must be the sights and sounds of being in a new place..
    Can't sleep.... What the heck else is new?
    (And it's not the caffeine that's keeping me awake.
    I can drink coffee and go right to sleep.)

    Off to count metaphysical sheep, I guess!
    Om, one....
    Om, two...
    Om, three...

  2. Looks like things are falling into place. That salad looked good. We do not have Jack in the Box here ;( I hear they have great food.

  3. Yes - Jack In The Box is good for salads.

    I once wanted to make a "cute-sie" little blog video
    where I would go through the drive-thru there
    and ask for something from Jack Sh*t's blog...hehe...

  4. Well, look at you, all fresh and re-installed. Re-Booted, if you will. Enjoy your new digs. It's always fun unpacking and finding stuff you'd forgotten about.

  5. I coudl seriously use you around here! I've had a half painted room for almost a year. :)

    Love the new place. Can't wait to see new pics of the progress. You've been working so hard! You deserve a Rock Star. I've been hitting Monster lately since we got a case of it. Yum.

    Cheers. Here's to new beginnings and a happy life.

    Enjoy the brief but wonderful spring season.

  6. You make it sound laid back and smooth moving. I hope you get the feel of the new place and get back to good sleep. Best wishes in your new home.

  7. You have been a busy bee - traveling and moving. I'm exhausted reading you. :D

    LOL On the earplugs. Love the new gym and your quote on painting.

    Recovery ... yes. I suppose that's what I was doing. It leads to living, so it is a very productive thing to do.

  8. I agree it's important to take all the issues that come up seriously, and it is a recovery, not a diet!

    Congratulations on your new home!

  9. I think you are over tired my friend, I think you are doing a great job getting everything set up....looking good. ........:-) Hugs

  10. New places always take a while to get adjusted to. Hopefully soon you'll be fast asleep.

    Love the painter look! Keep up the good work.

    PS I'm just back from Spring Break vacation with the kids so I'm starting where I left off to catch up on your posts.


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