21 May 2011

zombie day

Trying out CrossFit moves

Even at the store....

The world's ugliest tomatoes -
never mind.... they are persimmons.

Regular Cool Whip has 2 carbs
Sugar Free Cool Whip has 3 carbs
Go figure!

Grocery stores have everything these days

I think they meant something else -
not egg salad...

Never leave your million dollar bills
just laying around in the cart...

This spatula gives Bacon it's 
Maple Flavour!

Hope your day is good!
Whatever it brings!


  1. You're such a hoot. I think I'd PAY to go food shopping with you just for the laughs!

    Hey, world's still here. Woohooo!!

  2. If I tried that CrossFit move I'd end up with a few broken bones if not worse. Can't see my nose surviving a fall from that position and fall I would - no doubt.

    So, does the spatula really give food a maple flavor? Never saw such a thing, but then I live under a rock most of the time.

  3. Yikes, I'd hate to have to add up all the cool whip I've consumed in my day! Thankfully, no more.

  4. Zombies, unite!
    The awesome spatula is just for looks.
    No flavor. But it IS cool, eh?

  5. I'm with PD, you would be a hoot to hang out with! Who do you get to take the pictures of you being silly? :) Isn't that funny about the regular cool whip versus the sugar-free? It's the same for fat-free cool whip (3 carbs per serving); live and learn, I guess.

  6. Heehee - thanks, y'all!
    My neighbor took the pics.
    I asked if he would be embarrassed to take them,
    and his answer was "Not if you're not embarrassed to do it!"

  7. Great photos. Anne. I love the smoker grill. I need one of those.

  8. Dang Anne, you have some wicked upper body strength!!!

  9. Thanks, Shelley -
    Once my shoulder / rotator cuff gets better
    I think it wil be that much more!

    And actually, y'all -
    I can't think of a better way to spend the
    day than with my Blogging Buddies.
    Thanks for being "here!"

  10. That spatula is my favourite!

    Nice moves!

  11. Picture 1 amazes me. I think you are awesome and I feel like if I tried that, I'd end up kissing the pavement.

  12. Gotta say - you just make me smile! Thanks.

  13. Too friggin funny! Thx for the laughs this morn! BTW, like the Crossfit moves! :-)

  14. Thanks - I think they need a little work!

  15. Trish - r/t your email question about the Million Dollar Bill....
    It wasn't my cart.... I passed by a friend who had it -
    along with a ton of little tiny cat food cans!
    And I told her "This is SO going on my blog!"
    So no - I guess I never got to read it!


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