15 May 2011

around town


Out and about just makes my day!

Meh - save it for the ducks at the lake

Boxes To Go

Right Next to the Casket Store

Flop House

Pretty stuff all around Dallas

Windy days for Spring

Still getting better and stronger every day!

Hope your day is great all the way around!


  1. The Rotator Cuff is healing up nicely, thanks!

  2. Those rotator cuff injuries are sure painful! Hope yours heals quickly. Sure are some interesting places around your stomping grounds. Maybe I should take a quick tour around here. That would take about 10 minutes.

  3. OMG the box store next to the casket store. Wow. Glad you're arm is getting better!

  4. You see the most interesting things! Love your photos.

  5. Love the photo tour but the casket store gave me a shiver. Had a bad dream about Kailee last night. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  6. Love the pictures Anne. Not to sure about your cooking experience and chicken. But the only way to learn is to keep trying.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed evening.


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