28 May 2011

doctor day

A Lettuce wrapped hamburger

Coffee in egg whites....

Pimento cheese on Deviled Eggs

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

The British aisle

"Surrender Your Buns!"
For LoCarb Pirates.... Captain Cook

Makes ya wish for a better system


Life in the Parking Lot

Hope your day is great!
Summer is "official" now!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Is that at Kroger?! Must have those kitchen towels. I'm tempted to go get them right now. LOVE big time. :)

    Mmmm....lettuce wrapped burgers are da bomb, yo.

  2. Coffee in egg whites??? ewwwww
    I love coffee... I love eggs. But some marriages are just not meant to be, LOL!

  3. Oh, we had lettuce bun hamburgers for supper. I didn't finish mine,, but hubby was in "I'm a man, I love red meat" heaven. :)

    Mmm. Pimento cheese. Haven't had it in ages, though I do use red pepper pesto (which has a similar taste, though not cheesy). Huh. Might try that on eggs!

    Nitey, A!

  4. Summer didn't get the memo to come to Southern Ontario.

    Did you fart?

  5. It wasn't me!
    After years of being heavy,
    I've trained myself not to.
    I don't trust 'em!

    Someone apparently died in the bathroom
    Right before we got there.

    If you like, I'll send you some Texas Sunshine!

  6. Oh, Kelly -
    Those were at the Super Kroger.
    I'll get you some for your Birthday!
    (Which is today, by the way! Yay!)
    Happy Birthday, Kelly The Happy Texan!

  7. A few months ago we started using lettuce to make lettuce wraps out of leftovers and just about any dish we make. The crispy lettuce makes everything better. And it is finger food.

  8. Coffee and Egg Whites? EEEEEW!!!

    I like my coffee straight up, neat.

  9. Now I want deviled eggs...yum!!! I had a burger last night at Chuck's Burger Bar. It had smoked bleu cheese, bacon, garlic mayo and sin of all sins...a bun.

    I like the British aisle...there was Bisto...my mother used that to make gravy when I was just a wee girl.

    Have a great day!!!

  10. yum! i love the lettuce-wrapped hamburger. wish i could have one right now. :)

  11. I love pimento cheese. That processed kind that they sell near the cottage cheese I loved to use it as dip with Sun Chips. And why don't they put pimentos IN cottage cheese? I met a lady as I was a checker, who told me pimento is one of the secret ingredients to her potato salad.

    Now I want pimentos. I will have to get some and add them to something....oh eggs oh deviled oh thanks.


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