04 May 2011

cross fit day

Must be Spring!

Yep - must be!

This is where CrossFit works its magic

The warm up is usually running down the alley....
3 poles, then back
2 poles, then back
1 pole, then back

It has been said that 
the warm up for CrossFit is about what the 
whole routine is for other fitness programs.

When you show up, they want you to give it your all.
CrossFit was hard for me yesterday
-the first day back- 
And I never new how out of shape I really am.
I suck - literally and figuratively!
I've been down for so long...
It is really going to take time to get back to even the starting position!
And it's hard to admit - because I thought I was doing so well!
Once, during the Workout Of the Day, I actually whimpered.
And once, I almost cried.
I suppose they can ask me to leave - 
but I won't quit. I'm way too motivated.

Went to the store - stocked up on "things"

Got some of these bags - 
Does anyone use them? I've heard great things!

Hope your day is great!
Mine just keep getting better and better.


  1. The one close to me still intimidates me (though last week I drove into the warehousey place where they are located and drove right by to check them out. I just think I'm still too heavy and squats terrify me. Seriously.

    But it's tempting to be challenged that much. But not tempted enough yet...I'm a wuss.

    I admire you for taking it on. I've seen the videos. I know it's amazingly hard. Hope you build lotsa muscle and feel like Wonder Woman in due time...

  2. You've got to start somewhere. It's hard now, but I bet you'll make a lot of progress quickly and get a lot stronger and fitter.

    Great to hear about your high motivation and good mood. You are an inspiration :)

  3. I have never seen bags like that, in fact I'm pretty sure we don't get them here.
    Good luck building up your fitness again, I'm sure it will get better.

  4. you KNOW I ADORE and ADMIRE yer crossfitself.

  5. Awesome blog! I look forward to reading more!

  6. Emotions during exercise are a good thing, shows you care. Emotions during poking can be dangerous, poke with care.

  7. Which reminds me - here's your *poke!*

  8. The flowers and balloons do look cheerful. It is finally warming up here. Enough that we can do some work in the yard.

  9. Beautiful tulips! I have used the produce saver bags for bananas, and they do work. They're good for me because as soon as my bananas get one black speckle on them--they're history!

  10. It will get easier. You'll look back in a few months and be amazed at your wonderful self!

    *sigh* tulips...so pretty.

  11. A guy that I work with does cross fit to the point that he even leads the class once a week. Several of our city police and firemen are members of his cross fit group. One of the owners of our company went a few times but dropped out. Apparently it was a very intense workout! Grats for sticking with it through the whimpering.

  12. Yeah, thanks, y'all!

    ~Oct - I told everyone the tears were sweat!

    Here in Blog Land, I have rapport and history.
    But there in the Box, I just have my sweaty shirts,
    and my determination.
    I'm sure 50% of this is re-training my ego!
    I'm ok with being always the beginner... for now!

  13. You'll be in better shape before you know it, the body is an amazing thing and "it remembers" from what I understand! You're my hero for not quitting no matter what--Im not even being sarcastic one bit. You know how many people would "take their balls and go home"?? Well not "BALLS" but you know what Im saying! Keep it up woman, you're pushing yourself and inspiring others to do the same!

  14. I use those bags all the time. Highly recommend for lettuce. They do seem to help keep the veggies crisp longer. That crossfit sounds very difficult.

  15. Good luck with the crossfit. I got tired watching you hike on your vac, may now have to get in bed to read your crossfit exercise.....don't think I could do it at this age but I can get healthier than I am and you're an inspiration.

  16. Wal Mart actually has them at the produce to bag with free on a roll. I believe...I have been wrong before..but maybe mistaken. LOL I googled Cross Fit. Yeah that is heavy duty stuff. If you do that you can do anything. The bar swinging looks fun, but I know better. Yet as kids we did that stuff not a problem..so basically to do it must really rejuvenate you.

  17. You are brave! I saw the title "cross fit day" and was almost too scared to read. :) You, a whimp? Never!

    Come to think of it though, my girlfriend and I jogged about a tenth of a mile (okay, maybe less) while singing "We're off to see the wizard..." this morning. Alright. It was one verse. But still.

    Happy cross fitting! I'm glad it doesn't make you feel too cross!

  18. I tried those bags and wasn't impressed. Didn't work any better than the bags the market supplies me with. But then again the market where I shop brings in only the very best produce. That's gotta help.

  19. I bought the produce bags and they are great! Strawberries and week later are just as fresh :) And they're awesome for bananas!
    Any new activity is really hard in the beginning but it does get easier.

  20. Crossfit sounds scary. But you are so brave to keep going back and tackling it each time. You'll get stronger. It takes time. But it does happen.

  21. Yay for tulips!

    CrossFit would have me crying!

    You are TOUGH!

  22. You know what they say-- "Use it or lose it" and I've been there before. It's amazing how fast muscles "forget" and "fade" with a few weeks off. But hang in there, you'll be back up to speed soon. Just give yourself some time.
    xo jj


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