20 May 2011

whipped by whippin' cream

29 JUNE 2009    (a L!nk)

treat treaty

I have been doing so well. So I tell myself. Certainly I am entitled (there's that word again!) to a little snacky-snack.

And what could be better than a squirt of whipping cream from a can? Maybe a little squirt in my morning coffee. So I got the coffee and I got the can and I went to town.

I took a little more whipping cream right from the nozzle, standing right in front of the fridge. (A little bit more for Santa Claus!)

2 carbs per serving. How can that be? It seems like cheating. It seems like more! Nom Nom Nom.......

Oh, yesh, and watch out for the nitrous oxide that they use as a propellent!

Late at night, that whipping cream in a can still calls my name. I should throw it in the trash, but I'm practicing ignoring it. That way I will develop better long term habits.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Jump ahead to  May 20 th, 2011

I just saw some whipping cream in a can - at the store, nearly two years later....
And yes! Only one carb per serving! Yay! A LoCarb treat!

But wait - The can says there are 40 servings! And that's the small can!
40 servings? Are you kidding me? More like 4  "real life" servings.
Maybe 8 servings, if you are being extremely prudent!

So there ya go. Ya live and learn!


  1. I buy Land o Lakes sugar free whipped cream. It claims ZERO carbs per serving of TWO tbsp (which in whipped cream language is NOT MUCH). I'm guessing my usual use is 2 servings (a dollop about 4 tablespoons) which is 40 cals. A can lasts a while, as I us it maybe 2 times a week. I think if you love the stuff occasionally as a treat, fine. If it becomes a daily addiction, it's best to walk away.

    And, hey, happy Friday, babe!

  2. This is actually a post from July 2009....
    nearly 2 years ago!
    Just for fun.
    I've never seen that brand in stores, Princess Dieter!
    And it's just as well for me!

  3. I've hunted all over for the fabled Land O Lakes sugar free whipped cream. It's like the unicorn... a myth in Oregon!

    Oh well, probably a good thing... since I would "sneak" a squirt right into my mouth from the can. Surely that doesn't count, right??!!

    Funny post... and so true!

  4. Bigfoot here in Oregon, now that's another story. Not a myth. Oh yeah, he's real. Lots of people dun seen em... ;-)

  5. grnnnnmmmmmttmmphhhhh!?
    *wiping nozzle of can*
    What? did someone say something?

  6. Rettakat, maybe Bigfoot is Hoarding all the sugar free whipped cream?

    I first had it in Feb. My sister bought it for my birthday party's "sorta birthday" sugar free cake with berries and whipped cream. I liked it, so I decided to buy my own can. :)

  7. Mmmm...whipped cream...

  8. Thanks for honouring my request to repost the pic, Anne. :D
    My favourite pic that reveals so much.

    As for whipping cream ... well, I'd just eat the whole can's worth and it would only end up on my end up (can).

  9. You betcha!
    And it's interesting to note
    that two years ago, it was 2 carbs (probably 20 servings)
    Now, 1 carb but 40 servings....
    Are they trying to take advantage of the LC trend?

  10. Last time I bought whipping cream it was the light kind.... Soooo nasty I threw it away!!

  11. right from the can
    treat of the past
    for me too

    glad to know
    there's no real way
    to allow the niggle
    for whipping cream
    to take hold


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