14 May 2011

white rock lake

What a great day for a long bike ride!

Put the bike in the Truck,
and drive to White Rock Lake -
Maybe 20 minutes away -maybe!

They have pathways and trails - all around the lake

Kayaks and nature hikes

Very modern, clean, safe

A spillway -
It's all up hill from there!

Boat houses - sailboats - yacht clubs -
Swanified houses all around

Even fishing - no swimming, though

Unless you are one of these guys

Wildflower heaven right in Dallas Proper!

I rode 9+ miles. It took 90 minutes.
I stopped a few times to take some pics.
It was windy today, and I didn't know
if I could (or should) try for the whole distance.
It's been forever since I did anything but ride around the neighborhood!
I told myself I would ride 10 minutes and see how I felt!

Turns out I did ok!
And to think - two years ago,
I had trouble making it up the stairs!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. wow! what a pretty place to exercise. Love the birds.

  2. Thanks! It was just wonderful!

  3. just wonderful Anne, your progress is truly amazing and inspiring. have a great weekend

  4. Fantastic, Anne!
    Practically in your own backyard ... a piece of Heaven.
    I'm so glad you went.

  5. It's like a box of cereal with a prize inside. And why don't they put little prizes inside of bags of pork rinds? Anyway what I mean is that you got too good things in one. Wonderful bike ride and lovely environmental experience. Love your photo journeys.

  6. Be careful, dicovering the cyclist within is infectious!

  7. I am so glad that I decided to blog my diet. I swear I have in my drafts the beginning of how at my weight I wanna ride like I used to and I want to climb a tree and jump off the low branch like I used to always jump the last two steps of the escalator even as an adult. Claiming that it meant I was still youthful despite my age. I lost that and my body became as it is. I dare not even jump off one step. And then I read your blog today speaking of then and now. A great coincidence and you an example.
    It is a good thing that urbania can keep such wilderness within range.

  8. A lovely place to get in a bike ride, Anne. :)

  9. What a neat place to run/ride/walk!

  10. This is what I need for my great biking adventure of 2011!!! No cars!

    It looks really beautiful there. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  11. So pretty. I just bought a bike and look forward to days like that ahead. :-)


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