02 May 2011

half price books

I like this LoCarb cook book... it has pictures.
I'm like in elementary school for cooks.
Must have pictures.

It was once called Half Price Books
Records and Tapes...

This is the biggest used book store

The place is huge - as big as a mall

Costco cooking and Jack Daniels cookbooks

You know I do love me some bacon!
This might go great in my work out room for sure!

They just cut the "top" hairs...
A euphemism?

Got up yesterday morning
Walked/ ran 10 minutes + 5 minute warm-up.
It was easier than I thought it would be.

Also figured out how to eat a good lunch (at work)
without having to use anyone's kitchen.
I often work in people's homes, and I don't want to 
ask to use the microwave or the fridge.

So I pack my lunch in a cooler.
That much I was already doing.
The difference is that now, I pack
things like chicken salad, and HB eggs....
Proteins that are good served cold.
Like revenge. Nice and cool.
Plus, that's a good choice for summer lunches.

Monday morning and all is well
on the Induction re dux.
I shall call this Day One!

Hope your week is going great!


  1. I love chick salad. I love hb eggs. Add some celery and almonds and I'll share lunch with ya!!!!

    And ditto on needing pics. LOTSA pics. The Primal Quick and Easy cookbook has a pic for EVERY recipe. I really love dat.

    Is it my imagination, the angle, or does your face look slimmer in that shot? Or maybe just bruising finally all gone? Looks slimmer to me...

    Nitey, sweets...

  2. Five days a week, I make two meals for my hubby to take to work, in a cooler; can't use the microwave or fridge. Boy, have I got it down to a science!!

    Best thing: I save chicken bones in the freezer, then make a batch of homemade chicken soup, with whatever I have on hand veggie-wise, and left-over chicken. '

    Never the same twice, so no recipe. But my point is, I have a little two-cupper Stanley thermos, and just heat up soup for one meal; if I put boiling water into the thermos while I heat up the soup in the microwave, it pre-heats the thermos and so the soup really stays very warm half a day. Then, the other meal is something cold, like you do.

  3. GOOOD MORNING! its cold in texas---time for low carb chicken soup?

  4. I am cookbook challenged. I just can't follow a recipe, always make a bunch of changes, so in the end it's nothing like the original recipe. Plus I enjoy really simple foods. All in all I don't need recipes, I just make it the simplest possible way. Mix with spices, boil/broil/stir fry/oven bake - DONE. If I can eat it raw - I do that. Saves time and makes for less dirty dishes. Works for me.

    As for what you could take to work - I love cold cuts of meat that has been slow baked in an oven bag. Totally yummy and can last a week in the fridge so you can make several servings at once. Meat loaf could be a good idea, too. Raw veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, peppers work well, too. Hope that gives you some ideas.

  5. Good luck with Day One, Anne. I'm wishing you the best. It must be hard to work in people's homes. Good for you for planning your food ahead. Sometime I get myself in trouble for not planning ahead. I like cook books with photos too. I like to know if what I'm making is supposed to look the way it turns out. :)

  6. PD:
    The swelling and bruising are finally going down.
    And I think it does look slimmer.
    Getting some walking in helps so much with lymph.

    Love the soup thermos idea.... that's next on my list.

    Miz: It's dang cold here - like winter! Soup's on!

    I tend to over-simplify things to the point of redundancy.
    So then I over - complicate them to the point of ritualization.
    Cooking, food prep, eating... Probably true in other areas of my life.
    Sounds like a good topic for a post!

    Karen Butler Ogle: Thanks! The classic "one day at a time"
    saying really applies here... I can do this thing.... one day at a time!

  7. Glad you like the thermos idea. It's so easy to make a huge batch of soup in the crockpot, then freeze it in 2 cup portions. The day before, I get out one and leave it in the fridge; by morning it's thawed enough to heat in the microwave and into the Stanley it goes. Easy peasy. :-)

  8. I oversimplyfy to the point of redundancy too. But at least that narrows down the things to blame when it starts to go wrong. If there is nothing to blame I just have to shrug at the mystery and keep going as planned. I love bacon too. ;)

  9. Oh, and I rarely buy a cookbook that doesn't contain photos. It's difficult to get excited about cooking something unseen.

  10. That would be like cooking a pig in a poke!

  11. I'm in another cookbook :D I like pictures, too. Then you know whether you made it right or not at all. lol

    I love any kind of bookstore.

  12. I try not to bring anything I need to heat up to work.
    With so many people using the microwaves, they get kinda gross looking.

    I always enjoy a salad with whatever protein. Often I'll just bring a can of tuna or some cooked chicken breasts. Cold steak is always pretty tasty.

    Love the all the books!

  13. She with the most cookbooks wins! Have a great week.

  14. I am sad to report that I have no cookbooks! But I love to cook!!!

    Nice bacon book...dinner tonight was bacon and a cheddar cheese omelette. Tasty!

    There sure are a lot of books in that bookstore!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  15. I'm lucky DH cooks like a dream. He didn't need weight loss but went low-carb with me because he knew what was good for him. LOL. Seriously, his BGs were creepy high even though his weight was fine. With low carb his BGs and other blood work are solid. I'm maintaining a 120-125 lb loss (depends on day.) As always, I LOVE YOUR BLOG... Great ideas, great photos, great gal!

  16. Thanks - I'm kinda down right now, so it's nice to know someone cares!


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