29 May 2011

cleaning all day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend -
Almost 100 degrees today!

Made chicken broth soup 
that is not purple !

EggHead - the movie!
Actually, it's egg salad....

I am she as you are he and you are me
and we are all together!

Did some cleaning - organizing, really

I went into the files of the Baby Mac
and took out all the unused languages!
I also deleted about 2,000 jpgs!
Maybe save some space...

My posture is improving - 
the shoulder is much better already!
Sitting up straighter on a workout ball helps,
but I think the laptop is not the best option for
improving posture. My next major purchase will be
a desktop iMac - or run it through the tv screen
like I've done before, until that fine day comes!

Put everything up and cleaned like a wild woman!
Time + Energy + Something good!

Home Sweet Hut-ment 
to all who serve

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!
Any big plans?


  1. I think an iMac desktop is a bit out of my league.
    Maybe one fine day!
    A TB hard drive?
    *falls on floor*

  2. Thank you for your service to our wonderful country, Anne. How long were you in? I grew up on Air Force bases all over the USA and Europe. My dad served for 28 years before retiring. Have to remember to get the flag out front on Monday. We're the only house in the neighborhood that does. We watched WWII movies all day today. Then tomorrow will make sure to watch the Memorial Day Concert on PBS. Otherwise was invited to a barbeque of steak and fresh oysters on Monday. Might go. Might not.

  3. Army Reserves: 8 years.....
    Something like 80% of the medical core is Reserves...
    They don't need them until the time comes!
    The Army sent me to Nursing School! Yay!

  4. I was an AF reservist for 6 yrs. I totally screwed up at recruiting and fell for the put the girl into the man job quota. I was offered nursing and cop, but they intrigued me with a white lab coat inspecting aircraft parts with xrays and other tech stuff in a concrete shop environment. I also like shiny things. And things with flashing lights. LOL That is how the Sergeant I married caught me. He gave me a shiny ring. LOL. He was a Nam and Desert Storm Vet. Military wife 14 yrs.

    I like me some Wilapa Bay Oysters. They are sooo big and yummy.

    Have a great holiday.

  5. ahh the army and their luxurious living environs...can't beat it. Still remember taking a shower in north carolina...having a mop fall on my head and about 10 roaches showering down on my head. Good times, Good times. lol.

  6. Your egg pic reminded me of this little gem from "Arrested Development": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO1k2Y3o-iM

  7. Cleaning and organizing helps the mental clarity too I think. At least it does for me. I have to keep my "stuff" down to a minimum. That is another reason to like living in a small little hippie house. Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.

  8. I want to thank you for your service to our country to. You are a hero and it is much appreciated! Have a great weekend! :)

    Alissa (A Journey to Thin)

  9. I am the Walrus!!!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  10. Hats off to you for serving our country. It's deeply appreciated.
    xoxo jj

  11. Hi Anne! I nominated you for an award - it's on my page...congrats!




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