26 May 2011

cactus for dinner

Again with the cactus?

Value Blend Beef Pattie Mix
Beef, beef hearts, soy and all kinds of stuff!

Paddle faster -I think I hear banjos!

After 5.21.11

Kool Aide

Chili's Boneless Wings with lots of breading

Fajita with chicken, shrimp and beef

A great little plate

New kicks from Kohl's
Big sale....half off!

Hope your day is going great!
It's. All. Good!


  1. Cactus? Really? I did hear once or twice that natives ate them. Just didn't think they would be available in stores. But anyway, what's that thing next to the cactus on the right side? Never saw that before.

    Cool shoes! I bought a pair of very cute heels this week. Still prefer my sneakers, though.

  2. I had the yummy fajitas without the tortillas!
    No cactus for me! I wonder how many carbs?

  3. Had some incredibly good cactus salad made by one of the ladies in our TOPS group. It was mighty tasty! She used a dressing made with lime juice and cilantro. Probably about as many carbs as green beans I'm guessing. Love those shoes with the red soles! Fancy.

  4. oooh I think Id like to try the cactus!

  5. And those fuzzy things next to the cactus?
    I don't know... but I'll find out!

  6. prickley chayote squash, it doesn't sell as well as the regular chayote squash.

    what to do with it? I have no idea!

    Karla... the blogger isn't let me sign in... PITA!

  7. Thanks, Karla!
    Blogger wouldn't let me sign in for two days!

  8. I had a sign in problem and so I just went to tools and cleaned my cookies and cache. It worked. Or it was a coincidence.

  9. Cactus was a familiar sight in San Diego.
    I have been having problems leaving comments all over blogland lately. Oh well. I am reading your posts though.

  10. What do you do with cactus??? Glad to have you back to blogworld :)

  11. Kohl's is the best-- Always loaded with great prices. Love the new shoes. And the see of Kool Aid-- Gone are the days of the stuff n the little packets that you added a TON of suger to. Phew.

    Have a great day Anne. xo jj

  12. I think cactus is something that won't be on my menu any time soon.

  13. I believe I have had soup in a Mexican restaurant that had cactus in it. Sopa Margarita at Papagayo...must go there soon.

    I am so glad to see at least one person was raptured.

  14. Your shopping pictures
    always crack me up

    history of American shopping
    right here on CT

    whadaja say, sociology professor
    oh, yeah, I remember
    it's all good


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