22 May 2011

food food

The ever-ready bags o' Induction food

A yummy angus burger with green beans -
that did not come from a can!

A handy way to chop cauliflower

A big pot of chicken soup and broth....
It was good - in the slow cooker -
and so easy!

Cleaning and cleaning and working hard in the casa!

Hope your day is better and better!


  1. Looks like some good food and a good day. I hope you enjoyed the weekend. :)

  2. I hate to clean so the only way I can manage it is to put on LOUD DANCE music. LIke you, I sing and do little dances. It makes it less onerous.

    I've been keeping bags of h.b. eggs in the fridge for quickies as needed. So convenient.

    Happy Sunday...

  3. You can get green beans in a can? I kid! I love raw fresh ones with hummus.

    Hope your day continues to rock!

  4. Hope you have a good day.....I was trying to remember the name of the store that you got the ready to eat food from... they have a store in Southlake and i will be near there next weekend and wanted to stop by. I tried to find the old post by didn't see it. Thanks.

  5. Yummmmm, Anne!!!
    I especially like how the slow-cook
    simmered chicken looks
    Yes, I can even smell it, ummmmm!

  6. Bags 'o' snacks ready for induction. ♡

  7. Normally I keep an old Mayo jar in the fridge full of peeled HB eggs...no need to stand and peel them! But right now, I have a batch dyed light blue and still in their shells (not from Easter, I dye them w/ food color to tell them apart from the raw ones).

  8. I've never pre-peeled HB eggs before... do they keep very long that way in the fridge?? Just in a baggie, or airtight, or in water or?? Guess I'm kinda skeered of bugs growing on them. :-}

  9. Loretta - Good question!
    I wonder if HB eggs would be any different than Deviled Eggs?
    Or really, anything, for that matter -
    Like say, diced cheese in the fridge?

    As a nurse, I am a clean-freak in the kitchen.
    There might be junk piled up to *here*
    But it's clean!

    The eggs are gone in 2 days time, at any rate.
    I take them in baggies to work. In a cooler.
    If you look close, there is a paper towel there to absorb
    some of the moisture. Keeps them from rolling around, too!

  10. Hey! I love my canned beans! Home grown & canned by me, that is. Your food looks yummy today. I did manage to stay on low-carb today and feel better tonight than I have in a while.

  11. I too prepare my soup in the slow cooker. Convenient and ready when we get home after work :)


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