25 May 2011

massage day

Lunch on the wall -
Turns out they said "lunges!"

Wearing the weighted vest 
whilst doing errands around the apartment

I had a Medical Massage Tuesday -
it was just wonderful -
after it was done, that is!
My arm feels so much better.
Still not 100% - but much better, thank you.

The Massage Therapist said his service is different 
from a "regular" massage, because
he doesn't just move lotion around.
Not that there's anything wrong with that!

He really worked out some rough spots.
And is helping to correct some posture
problems I've developed.
That goes along with rotor cuff injuries.
Or rotator cuff, if you prefer!

Now I'm all into studying Anatomy again.
Much more detail than even in Nursing School.

Seems that years of slouching,
and carrying around lots of extra weight 
has made my shoulders rounded.
I mentioned in a previous post I lost
an inch of height that I'm just now getting back!

I've also started to sleep without a pillow -
Just a little neck roll.
And instead of a chair, I mostly
use a balance ball.
Especially for working online.

Getting more sleep is helping.
 I have a little "Quiet Down" routine at night -
About an hour before I need to be in bed,
I start to wind things down.... some candles,
a warm bath, and of course, GABA.
Seems to be helping!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Had a time trying to sign into blogger
    Last night and this morning.
    Musta been the huge storm we had last night.
    Knocked things out of place!

  2. Love the pics! I am having a massage on Friday, but I tell my RMT to consider me a peach, a delicate, ripe peach. She does go to town on the Boss though.

    I always sit on a ball at my computer...saved me a lot of money as I was going to get a fancy chair...not anymore.

  3. I heard other people had problems too! I really have to think about getting a massage. Believe it or not I've never had one :(

  4. Didn't your mom say "no slouching"? ;-)Glad you are getting your cuff worked out and working on the posture. Love the poses too. :)

  5. Such an adorable role model!!!!!!


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