06 May 2011

spice rub

Grilled angus burger with onion slice!
Still life - edible art

These didn't turn out so good -
Ended up ditching them - tried twice!

Fried ham and eggs 

I have been using a spice rub on everything these days...
One tablespoon full of garlic powder
One tablespoon full of onion powder
One teaspoon full of cayenne pepper
One teaspoon full of sweet paprika

You can change the spices and amounts to suit your liking!
The hamburger patty was a frozen type - the easy to cook kind!
I added a little red wine for the liquid part.
 I hardly use water for cooking at all...
Used bacon drippings for the oil.
Covered it with a lid and omg was it ever good!

The rub is good for bacon, and all kinds of meat
and veggies! Remember, too, that spices do have some carbs!

After CrossFit Thursday.
I was the only person in class,
So I got some extra attention!

I think I have an injury to my rotator cuff -
Probably related to my fall.
It even hurts when I am sleeping.
So it's not just with movement.

Maybe when my friend tried to pick me up
when I was knocked out on the concrete.

I am stronger already, and ran 400 meters -
for the warm up, and only had to stop once 
to walk!

So it's all good!
Better and better!
At least I didn't gain during my 3 weeks
of not getting to work out,
or barely even walk.
As in "take" a walk. As in "no treadmill."
That kind of walk!

Hope your day is wonderful!

And it's not too late to enter the give-away
For MizFit's awesome work-out cards!


  1. Im a bigggg rub fan :)
    on my tuna steaks and on my feet.

  2. I think a rub-down sounds good right about now!

  3. mmm Spice rubs! hope your shoulder feels better soon.... mine has been rough since january..fell down icey steps... hurts still when i sleep... is yours a deep pain? and do you find it eases when you actually lay on your right side? dr said rotator cuff injuries Do heal on their own, but takes 12-16 weeks... cortisone shots do help (ouch), GET BETTER SOON! Still lovin your blog! gonna go rummage through my spice racks now lol

  4. how did you try to make your sprouts?

    my favorite recipe is to fry up some cut up bacon, remove from pan. remove the drippings except for 1 tbs and add some garlic and onion. Saute for about 2 mins, add cut up brussel sprouts. cover and cook until tender. I like to add the bacon back to the pan and let it reheat up for a minute or so before serving.

    SO YUM!

  5. Anne, the food looks great. Even the brussels sprouts you threw out look good to me. I'm stiol making them with the recipe you shared a while back with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Mrs Dash. My husband and I LOVE them. We do the same with several other veggies too. I love it when you share what you are eating. Hugs. :)

  6. Rub-a-dub, dub, lovin' the grub!

    Have a lubberly day!

  7. Karen Butler Ogle - thanks!
    It was the texture of the sprouts -
    I think it was a bad batch - or freezer burned....
    I'm learning how to freeze left-overs the proper way.
    It's not as easy as to just stick something in the freezer!
    Live and learn!

  8. Rub looks divine. Foot rubs are even better! (Babies like 'em too.)

    I enjoy dried peppers from the Mexican food section, which I process into powder using an old coffee grinder. Smoked dry chipotle in a rub is heavenly on just about anything. I also put canned chipotle peppers in a food processor and make a paste that spreads well on cauliflower pizza crust (part cauliflower, whole milk mozzarella, one egg), then top with whatever else you like. A mexican pizza delight with very few carbs. Yum!

  9. Not all rubs have carbs, you know!!! LOL.

    That onion slice looks simply-decadent.

  10. RIght - but this one does, unfortunately!
    The onion powder alone is like 5 grams per tablespoon.
    No biggie- but we all know the phenomenon of "carb creep!"
    5 grams here- 4 grams there - it adds up fast!

  11. I never knew about all those great spice until I started my life style journey. They are awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  12. I find that sprouts are best fresh and I like them shredded and sautéed with onion and bacon. I've given up on frozen sprouts ... the taste just isn't the same. They get too watery.
    I had no idea that onion powder has carbs in it! Whaddya know.

  13. I was talking about a different kind of rub - LMAO!!! The kind that you can't buy at the store... well.... you know what I'm sayin'!

    I still can't believe that that burger was the frozen kind... It totally looks hand-pattied...

  14. heehee- well, there ya go, then!
    This, my friend, is a Bubba Burger....
    All shaped like the State of Texas!
    They are super good!


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