20 May 2011

this and that

I wanted to eat this/ do this - instead, I ate that/ did that.

It's like a game I play with myself..... for my toddler-like brain.
Here's me coaching myself.

I wanted to call in - and watch tv all day, laying on the couch...
Instead, I went on to work - and had a great day!

I wanted to go to Happy Hour with some friends that are in town...
Instead, I went to CrossFit and had a happy hour there.

I wanted to stop at What-a-Burger on the way home the other night...
Instead, I had my protein and went to bed - without heartburn, thank you!

I wanted to act like I got an important call, and leave the Box early...
Instead, I told my boss I can't work on Gym days, all summer long.

I wanted to stay up real late blogging, chatting etc...
Instead, I remembered how cranky I get when I miss sleep - and went to bed.

I wanted to go the the store - you know - for some "things."
Instead, I realized it was a stalling technique  - and stayed home and took a little walk.

I wanted to drink a glass of wine with dinner...
Instead, I decided to stick to my "meat and water" rations
(with coffee and cream, and butter and eggs thrown in for good measure.)

I wanted to stay home from training and do some chores...
Instead, I went to training and put off the chores - 
The dishes were still there when I got back!

Just for fun!

Hope your day is great -with all kinds of happy!


  1. Not working on gym days all summer. Oh, my. YOu're gonna be a buff goddess by fall! :*

  2. Thanks - that's the plan, at least

  3. I used to say in the old days, "i just want to wake up tomorrow and be thin" funny the skinny fairy never sprinkled me with her dust ... Took a long time and hard work........ Stupid fairy!!!!

  4. It really is about doing this, not that.

  5. Love the positive self talk about that!

  6. You made some good choices. That is the key.

  7. Dumb dishes. Couldn't they have washed themselves while you were out getting Buff?

  8. Two years into it and you would think I own the weight-loss world!
    But - no!
    Truth is - it does get easier - but not in the way I once thought it would.
    I still have to practice "the basics" every freaking day....
    or go up 5 pounds for the next week.
    And the good behavior is not automatic -
    Not intrinsic an not intuitive!
    I work out every day -very much by rote!
    So it's easier that now I've accepted this as my new "norm!"

  9. And that is why you are so fantabulous :)

  10. Doing the right thing shows. But you would be canonized if you had a can of oil and fixed that cart!

  11. Way to go on all your good choices. I swear when I started your video I thought you must be in Petco or something down the bird isle lol.

  12. you made great, mindful choices! what an inspiration!!!


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