12 May 2011

week one induction food

Bacon with sf syrup - omg
best meal ever!

ham and eggs for breakfast

coconut oil all day

tuna salad with extra mayo

Cauliflower with parm cheese crust

coffee with protein powder mixed in

Week one of my re re In(tro)duction is here!
I did great with nary a glitch.
Gosh - I sometimes wish I were a scaler.
I would probably be proud of myself!

After my head injury - and concussion -
I couldn't really do much for a while.
And now with the Rotator Cuff Impingement...
Things are slow! But on the mend.

 I didn't have to stop in CrossFit the other day...
I ran the 400 meter warm-up without having to walk.
Mind you - It's a slow trot. But still!

I'm proud. The good kind of proud.
Have a great week!


  1. I gotta stop looking at your food pics at bedtime. oh, man. :)

    Protein in coffee? Hmmmm....nevah done dat.

    Hope re-induction does great things for you. Nitey, sweet A.

  2. When reading that you mix your protein powder with your coffee, I thought: "What a great idea." I would have never thought about that.

  3. Oh rats... I cooked up my bacon yesterday, and forgot your idea about the sugar free syrup. Well... will just have to Get.More.Bacon. :-)

  4. All that looks so GOOD. You are making me hungry.:)

  5. Really does look good Anne, happy blated blog anniversary. sorry things are going slow for you right now but glad you are on the mend. keep doing an awesome job. hugs.

  6. Wow, the parm encrusted cauliflower looks amazing enough that I need to try that sometime. It will have to be a Saturday since my crazy diet allows no cheese, but I can wait. I also need to try SF syrup on bacon sometime. Do you think it's odd that I'm pining for your induction food? No really. Low carb food can be quite decadent. :9

    I'm glad you are on the mend and feeling good enough to run 400 meters. Very cool.

  7. That food looks SOOOOOO good. OMG. And how could anyone in the world not like maple bacon?!?! OMG!!! To. Die. For!

    And I'm an herbivore! LOL!

  8. Slow trot better than no trot Anne!

  9. Whoa...the whole 400 without stopping! You ROCK!

  10. What do you do with a coconut oil? Do you drink it?

  11. Coconut oil - I put it in coffee -
    Drink with it - moisturize with it after a shower!

  12. By the way - blogger is a little messed up today!
    I'm not able to get around like the little social butterfly that I am (lol!)

  13. Great job, Anne! Love to hear that you're making progress in Crossfit. Induction? You already are a champ at that. :) My guru.

  14. You gotta share the bacon syrup recipe. I love how you can say syrup on a low carb diet and induction at that! It all looks great.

  15. Heehee. Glad to know I'm not the only one who slathers the coconut oil on my skin. Feels sooo soft, smells...mmmmm. Probably won't use it for sunscreen though. :) Well. Maybe a bit on my calves, the moo kind.

    Okay. You make me feel silly today.

    P.S. I'm over da fudge. Praise be.

  16. Congrats on your blogiversary! I adore your blog and the mischief you create on it! Congrats, too, on your first week of induction.

  17. So glad you're feeling proud, that's the best feeling. I'm very proud of you too. I need to follow your example and have a good week :)

  18. Sounds like you're onto all kinds of awesomeness. Glad your head is better. Get that shoulder healed.

    Mmmm. Bacon.

  19. Poor little blogger - took away this post!
    I do believe I was asked for the recipes!

    Fried Cauliflower In Bacon
    Boil some cauliflower
    Drain it - use paper towels to get the moisture out...
    Fry in bacon drippings ... pretty high temp
    Add Parmesan Cheese - I add spice rub, as well!
    Just enough to caramelize it!
    Easy but really good...

    Bacon in Splenda
    Fry up some bacon - I use spice rub, too
    (garlic, onion, cayenne, paprika)
    When it's almost done cooking add SF brown sugar splenda -
    That still has some carbs - so go easy! (about half is regular sugar)
    omg - I love my life after I tasted this!

    that. is. all.
    except - Enjoy!

  20. Mmmm those recipes sound so good! And I think Im gonna have tuna salad with extra mayo and cucumbers for lunch here in a few! Im proud of you too, and so glad your on the mend!

  21. Congrats on your first week...you are doing great.

  22. Thanks!
    I go back back back to Induction anytime I need it....
    Just to break a plateau - or make a correction!

  23. Wow!! That looks good!! I may start lo carb once P6 is over!


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