27 May 2011

gum drops

I'm "cured," ladies and gents!
I ate 3 (count 'em)
goodie goodie gumdrops -
and my mind (finally) said "Yuk!"
And then it told me 
"WTH are you giving me?
For this much calories, I could had something good.
Now - no more candy, already!"

I'm not really used to being out and about.
So I need to learn how to respond to all kinds
of tempting treats.

Maybe it's like training a dog.
They do fine at home. 
But they have to learn how to act
in every different situation.

Or maybe it's like Nursing School.
First, classroom - then clinicals - 
then the Real World.

Side sitting pics are the worst.
This isn't how I even see myself anymore,
although it is a recent picture!
To help with my posture, 
I sit on a work-out ball when I'm online.

In other news, 
I reached the overhead bar at CrossFit the other day!
Which means I am standing taller already.
And my shoulders are better.
I even dangled there for a few seconds.
Feet off the ground - yay!
So I am getting stronger!

Hope your day is strong!


  1. You are destined to become wildly warrior strong!

    And you look like you're playing the puter like a piano. I have a ball. I sit on it sometimes watching tv. Not a lot. I may reconsider for my posture's sake. :)


  2. ooo I watched a crossfit video and saw the dangle and more...That does look like strength stuff. Good for you!

  3. More power to you! I know how tempting a little bowl of candy can be. Good for you!

  4. goodlordIloveyourblog.

    Iawaityourcrossfitguestposttoo :)

  5. Boycotting candy here too, those gumdrops are my fave. Interested in this dangly thing...have a great weekend Anne, stay strong.

  6. Good for you. NO candy allowed in my house. Thankfully it isn't hard for me to say no to gum drops. I battle against things like cookies and donuts though.

  7. Yeah for you for "hanging-in" there!

  8. You are getting stronger and taller. You have been reaching and stretching in all kinds of ways. You are still an inspiration to me.

  9. You are da bomb :) Being able to not want candy?? Make you my hero!

  10. It's something that is not part of my life -
    maybe forever - but certainly for now!
    I spit the 3rd one out, by the way!

  11. Taller?? Wow, didn't know you can actually regain lost height. This will be interesting to follow. :-)

  12. I think I've kicked the candy habit-- Now if I could just do the same wth chips-- Because can NOt eat just one. Ugh.

    High five on getting stronger and taller. That's awesome.

    Have a fun weekend Anne. xo jj

  13. I don't think I've ever had an actual gum drop, what are they like? I've never been real big into sugary things but my weaknesses are carbs (mwahaha) and salty things. Cheese. Chips!


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