05 May 2011

a give away

I'm shy of giveaways - but it's time to change that!
Recently, I saw that MizFit wrote these great little work out cards -
I saw them on FaceBook, and she mentioned
they were buy one, get one free!

So I put together a little deal.
I will give away 6 sets of these cards.
All you have to do is say you want to be in the drawing.
And I will use a random generator to pick the lucky winners!

Plus, here's a link to the web site.  LINK
So you can get a set for yourself!
Miz Fit - who I've come to know IS the real deal - 
(LINK here too)
She wrote the "100 Calorie Workout" and the
"At Work" work out.

My Trainer Fitness -  these are great, handy
little sets of fun and easy ways to get a little extra 
workout in throughout the day!

This will be fun for me!
My 2 year Blog anniversary is coming up.
So is the Fit Bloggin' 2011 convention.
Which many people are going to.
Here's a link to that, too!
Lots of great things here in Blogland!

But one of the best things, of course,
is the friends we make along the way!
Thanks, friends!

All this, just in time for Spring!
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I want to be in the drawing,Please :D

  2. Yay - See how easy that was?

  3. "But one of the best things, of course,
    is the friends we make along the way!
    Thanks, friends!"

    Amen to that! Soooooo thankful I have met you and so many other wonderful bloggers--and MizFit! She *is* the real deal!

  4. Those look cute. Yes, please randomly enter me. ; )

    Do we get to throw cyber-confetti for your bloggiversary? :D

  5. I want to be in the drawing!!

  6. you.rock.



  7. YaY, your first giveaway! How cool is that?
    Yes, please add me to the generator.
    That's got to be MizFit doing a jumping jack ... is it?
    These just add to her already awesome awesomeness.

    Were you able to keep your eyes open all night?

  8. Yes.. the friends we make along the way. Please enter my name into that generator!

  9. What an awesome giveaway. I'd love to be added to the drawing.

  10. Well, I can't argue with one thing you wrote & Carla is definitely the real deal! I have learned more from her than I can even begin to write about! Thank you so much for offering up this giveaway!!!!

  11. I would love to be in the drawing!

  12. I would like very much to be in the drawing <3
    Susan Marie Hess

  13. I think I'll skip this giveaway because I'd rather it go to someone else ;) but I did want to come by and say hello. I haven't been as stellar with my blog reading as of late, and I have truly missed your cheerful posts. I'm sorry to hear about your accident :( I feel like a bad blogging buddy since I'm only finding out about it now :( Hope everything else is going well for you, and that you are surrounded with loving friends and family. If you ever need anything, drop me a line! All the best!

  14. I DEFINITELY WANT IN on this one :) thanks :)

  15. Please put my name in the hat. :)

  16. Raising my hand, pick me, pick me :)

  17. Raising my hand too!!!!! So are you going to fitbloggin Anne?

  18. I'd like to be in the drawing please!!!

  19. You're such a sweetheart, Anne.
    Yes, I'd LOVE to get one of these!!!

    And MizFit Rocks My World!

  20. I love me some MizFit. Please enter me in the drawing!

  21. Great giveaway! Count me in.

    You & Mizfit rock!

    Cheers and congrats on your two year blogiversary!

  22. Me toooooo please!

  23. I want!! :-) And I am glad to have finally visited your blog!

    Everybody ROCKS! :-)

  24. I wanna win too! Please and thank you.

  25. I would love the opportunity to use these!

  26. We are all "wieners" in our own way -
    some of us more than others - just sayin'!!!

    Good luck to everyone - and thanks for playing along!
    And no - I won't be at Fit Bloggin' this year!
    Saving all my loving up for Wicked - maybe in NYC!!

  27. What an awesome giveaway!! I would like to be entered!

  28. Can Canadians play? I am usually excluded due to being born up here in the Great White North...even though I consider myself to be a Citizen of the World.

    Glad we are friends!!!

  29. I want to be entered! Awesome giveaway!

  30. Please enter me in the drawing

  31. I'd like to be in the drawing :)


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