19 May 2011

a telling day

Vacuum-packed book from Amazon 

Went looking for LoCarb books at Half-Price Books 

Would the LoCarb books be in Mystery?

I must have had on my "Approachable" togs today....
A woman talked to me about LoCarb and told me 
about some really nice links on line!

It's my way AND the highway - 
There's no turning back on the renovations here

Trucky gets her tires done -
It's like a spa day for her

Spilled this yummy Balsamic Vinegar and Oil dressing
Yummy and messy, that is!

Would have gone great with a "tossed salad!"

Had to cut the pants legs off - and went on to CrossFit -
You can't tell it here - but the shoes were soaked....
Even the socks were soaked through -
With yummy salad dressing!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Nooooo. Not the dressing! Like the way you improvise: just cut off the pants legs. :)

    My poor van needs a spa day. Get her nails (tires) done.

    Love the car wash sign.

    I found low carb books in the cooking section. Did you ever find any?

  2. Awe sorry to hear about the shoes and fridge and pants :( So did you find a lo-carb book? Hope you don't smell like salad today lol.

  3. Yeah, did you find the book? It is like a mystery here, did she? didn't she?? I can't sleep until I know!

  4. I did find the book - Thanks patrick!
    And I did smell like salad!
    Yummy! But now I need new shoes -
    The smell won't come out!

  5. I got low carb BBQ sauce all over a brand new lime green tshirt AND in my eyes a couple of weeks ago. Im a clumsy one! Sorry to hear about the loss of your yummy salad dressing but hey, now you get to go new sneaker shopping!!! YAY~~

  6. Your lucky no dogs wanted to lick you and follow you home :)

  7. That would sure explain alot!

  8. Shoes? Toss them in the washer with a load of towels. Air dry. Despite what the labels on shoe boxes say, sneakers can be washed. You learn this when you live with little boys who grow into teens.

  9. Sorry about your salad dressing and the shoes. I am always doing stuff like that. I'm all thumbs these days.

  10. That car wash place must be really popular!

  11. Oy, salad dressing, what a mess to clean up. Sorry about that.
    Have a great weekend, Anne. xo jj


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