23 May 2011

tool day

Over a month ago, I got this cage/ Smith Machine
on Craigslist. Finally put it back together!

Changed out the shower curtain liner...
Put up a little fan to dry out the shower
every day....and that jar is coconut oil, btw -
I moisturize with it after the shower!

Tools are important to do any job right.
Weight-loss tools..... fixing things up tools...
Everyone should have a couple of good tools
and know how to use them.
Even better when they are shiny!

A good set of Bose headphones and 
an iPod filled with Swing Out Sister -
is a tool for the Treadmill, for sure.

Got any fave songs to run/walk/jog/crawl to?

Bacon and eggs for dinner -
Getting into the "Hard-Core" Induction days...
And I mean No Cheating At All.
Dang! Not easy!
Even a little bit of carbs is enough to throw off
the best Induction. Everyone's number is different.....
My magic number is really really low.

When I cut way back, my mind plays tricks on me.
I want some wine - and I don't even like it!
And chocolate - also, not a fan!

Hope your days are happy!


  1. That smith Machine is really big!
    Takes up half the room!
    Did you know the Smith Machine was invented
    by Jack LaLanne?

  2. why YES I did know :)

    I love me some SMITH MACHINE and adored me the LaLanne.

  3. You are a hard working work out gal!!!

  4. Just saw that Sean Anderson commented on your post this morning. Way to go! :)

  5. Induction is tough but I know you can do it. The eggs and bacon look smashingly good. I would love some but we don't usually keep bacon in the house. The eggs I can do though. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Wow, you are on a roll Anne. Great, job with all your hard work. I'm cheering you on with induction. I know it's tough but you can do it!
    xo jj

  7. You are a machine!!! Love the coconut oil for moisturizing. Great idea!

  8. .... coconut oil... does it leave you feeling .. oily? I have some coco butter, the thick stuff and while I do love it, it takes a long time to absorb in

  9. The coconut oil - I actually wash my face with it.
    I don't use soap on my face.
    It's creamy - slidy- slick and wonderful!
    I wipe off the excess with a towel....
    And the towel doesn't even get oil-stained!

  10. When I was hard core low carb induction I got a severe craving for pickles. I could drink the juice. Weird. Fortunately that's a pretty low carb craving.


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