29 June 2009

whipped by whippin' cream

treat treaty

I have been doing so well. So I tell myself. Certainly I am entitled (there's that word again!) to a little snacky-snack.

And what could be better than a squirt of whipping cream from a can? Maybe a little squirt in my morning coffee. So I got the coffee and I got the can and I went to town.

I took a little more whipping cream right from the nozzle, standing right in front of the fridge. (A little bit more for Santa Claus!)

2 carbs per serving. How can that be? It seems like cheating. It seems like more!

Oh, yesh, and watch out for the nitrous oxide that they use as a propellent!

Late at night, that whipping cream in a can still calls my name. I should throw it in the trash, but I'm practicing ignoring it. That way I will develop better long term habits.


  1. Good luck on the long term habit thing!! Hope you are more successful than I am in that endeavor. :(

    And, ain't squirty whipped cream just the best?

  2. I always buy it and my kids end up eating it all while standing in front of the fridge...lol. Better for me I guess :)

  3. Jack's comment was funny...needs a whipping. I forgot to post a comment from your pyscho post from yesterday. LOVED IT!!

    I never liked can whipping cream, but I love the FF/SF cool whip. Use it alot!

    Long term habits are where it's at!

  4. Yes ma'am. That can calls and calls but I just ignore it. I am starting to learn the difference between a TRICK and a TREAT!

  5. Even my dachshund would come running into the kitchen for a squirt from the can whenever he heard the kids doing it.

  6. im thinking about the blend, sugar free jello blended with cool whip and set in the frigde together. oh wow.........:) creamy delightful scrumminess!

  7. I love that erie light from the fridge at night. Just keep ingnoring it. Get earplugs?

  8. Love the picture, but whipped cream...just not my thang....not even the real stuff.
    I'm a freak.

  9. Oh that can....SO TEMPTING. I can't not answer its call!

  10. the only thing that would develop for me is a whipped-binge :)

    me-thinks the J is trying to tell you something ...

    that fridge pic is striking

    nurse, writer, photographer, clever beyond words blogger etc.

    please give away the "before pants" before you develop anything "more"

  11. Oh man, whip cream in the fridge is living dangerously for me. I'd have to put it in the trash and take the trash to my neighbor's garbage can... three blocks away!

  12. Solution #1: Make a felt Devil outfit that you affix onto the whipped cream bottle. Nobody wants Devil cream!

    Solution #2: Crazy glue the nozzle. There's nothing more ridiculous than trying to blast through a Crazy glued whipped cream nozzle.

    Solution #3: If you can afford the calories ... How about making some real whipped cream from time to time? Use an LC sweetener, a little vanilla extract and organic cream. The real deal.

  13. I cannot have this stuff in the house for this very reason.

  14. I just noticed your before pants picture! Holy Crap Girl. You are really doing great!

    Thanks for the laughs and inspiration!

  15. Thanks - they are Dickies, so they were looser here, tighter there. But now they just fall off everywhere!


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