14 May 2011

rainy day

A clever Kleenex holder

It is the very model of modern nasal - general

A good day for Dallas!
 In 'n Out Burger is here - 
People are camping out to get one!
Now I don't have to go to California anymore
just to get one!

Car trouble - waiting room food

Free wifi - and carbs

And coffee - which was pretty good

Small town DQ

Threw off the bunz - 

Rain came on suddenly -
A welcome relief - broke the heat

Then, after the rain, the sky was yellow!

No run/walking today -
A day off from CrossFit and working out!
Hope your day was awesome!


  1. Today is pretty blah, actually but that is because I'm feeling blah. I am just sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen. Meanwhile, I'm also working on a daily schedule to help get my butt moving.

  2. Love that last shot of the sky! So dramatic! You take the best photos, Anne.

    My day was awesome indeed. Loved it. Nice weather, lots of time outdoors, good mood, great food. All was just as it should be :)

    Enjoy your rest day.

  3. Ahh. Gilbert and Sullivan. I wouldn't even know that "major general" reference if not for an episode of "Frasier" I watched many years ago.

    I haven't watched TV in years... And yet. THAT. Is. In. My. Brain. That song. Not the formula for a quadratic equation, of course, and not the steps to successfully perform CPR, oh noooo, the lyrics to a song as parodied by an imaginary character on a TV show that has been off the air for ??? Sad. The stuff you find out about yourself when you get old. Just. Sad. :)

    Then again. Maybe not. Apparently I'm not alone. Except maybe you saw the actual musical? (Lucky you.) Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Cool sky!!! In and Out burger seems to be the place to go in DFW.

    Love your hair!

  5. Hey you! I had a burger without the bun today. I am still trying to find a protein powder that doesn't taste chalky and like that stuff they make you drink when you have a stomach ultrasound!
    Oh..and I am desperate to find sugar free chocolate chips...I might end up having to order them on line.

  6. The second I heard the news report that In n Out moved to Texas I thought of you and hoped it was close by!!!!
    Bon Appetite!
    xo jj

  7. Oh yeah, In n Out burgers. We had to say good bye to them when we left San Diego. Now we make our own.

  8. In and out, lol such fuss over grill beef.... But of course I am from California and have had them all my life! Have a great day :)

  9. You take amazing pics! Been browsing thru your posts. A little hard for me to read your blog. Like Charlotte over at The Great Fitness Experiment, it moves sort of jerky for me - hers does too - her new one - so trying to read thru. Weird that it does this & not sure if it is on my end or what.

    I noticed that you are a hospice nurse - such a hard but rewarding job. We had a great one when my mom passed... I have such admiration for what you do!

  10. Hi there, Jody! Fit at 53!
    I wonder if Blogger is still on the mend -
    This was supposed to be a post last week!

  11. And of course I've seen "Pirates"
    -- a million times!

  12. Oh! That after-the-rain sky is so stunning, it took my breath away!

  13. I always love your pictures Anne. It's been a rainy day here but now tonight clear and suppose to stay that way for a few days. I sure do hope.
    Have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless!!

  14. That burger looks so good, we had a wonderful sunny day today and I loved it. It has been very windy here, not sure how long the wind will howl but I am still happy with the sunshine. Have a great Sunday.......:-)Hugs


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